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  1. Nope, a copy of my passport and birth certificate was ask from me.. so i fax to the Number they gave me. well not long after my account was unban, if it was not an official, he still manage to unban...
  2. Nope, it is click, today i create another toon in each account i have,, send both to ethen, on the EU server, you got about 60 + quests i can see on flight path and on US Server about 15-20.. there is a huge difference when it come to quests... this why i was asking if anyone new he why for this. B.
  3. I had an old account last year, cam back to play and Bang it was ban for suspect activity, with the Pin security, I cant figure out how someone can get in your account with this Pin system, anyway, took a while (3 weeks) and it was un-ban after sending them my statement of my subscription for the time i was playing, send them a copy of my passport by fax, my Birth Certificate by fax and something else dont remember... In that time i start a new account and play it for fun. B.
  4. I start playing on gameforge until i realize there is a US Server.. I am on Ethen right now in US servers, why there is so few quest on the US Server, on EU Server, there is about 5-10 quests on each flight paths, not counting the one off the flight path and when you look on the US server there is a lot of flight path with no quest.. is there someone can explain this to me? Thanxs W.
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