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  1. Great. A clean install works if you update with objects.zip as above. Restarting the launcher gets beyond the sounds problem without installing the sounds fix. The strings are correct, apparently, in this clean install. While this is a new account as well as a clean computer, I cannot see the minion panel since I don't have any level 10 characters on that account. But before the Minions panel in the menu showed as ??? too, and it is correct in this install. Thanks all. Looks like new folks can play if they read this post.
  2. Thanks. Oddly, I restarted the update and it got far enough to say "Playable" and is continuing to download. I'll let it run a while longer and try without applying the fix. I guess they just turned off the "Report Error" function. When I see that I've tried it, but it fails every time. Guess the server where that function was supported is gone. We'll see... Update: Looks like the game finished. The effect.pak.z01 thing was apparently bypassed by trying again. I didn't need to use the sounds.zip provided. I assume we know about the bug that every time you run the game you n
  3. Here's another file that failed. This is a clean install, followed by applying objects.zip fix to the Aion folder of the install, and then continuing the update. Now a new files appears as a problem: So, we are in a situation where no new players can sign up to play the game, because there is no reliable way to install the game? Did I miss something? Thanks
  4. Cool. Thanks. I was smart and kept the working game to the side, so I went back to that when the new install failed. I'll give your suggestion a try. I'm not clear on why "File Repair" is such a NOOP - Non-Operation, but nothing is perfect, I guess. And I'll remember to make yet another copy before I do this in case the change causes an update that fails. Nice to have plenty of SSD space.
  5. Is this an error with the recent Windows 10 "Spring Update". That just happened to me yesterday. I'd seen lots of ???? in the dialogs of the game, but game was working. No joy from "File Repair", So I uninstalled the whole thing and tried again. And now this error. Anybody else get the Spring Update? Mine says Feature Update Windows 10, version 1803 now.
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