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  1. Indeed. But I think once you contacted the support team and you explains what happened and that was a mistake they should be able to reverse that. Specially if the item restored is still there unchanged. The support shouldn’t be a place only for granted tokens and automatic answers.
  2. @Cyan i dont think thats really beeing effective to the situation or working. At the first day of the DDoS situation i've submited a ticket to the support about two entrys i've completly lost cuz got disconected from the game in my chars and that made me got kicked from the instance and they repply negative and didnt gave me for exemple an scroll of the instance i've mentioned. Anyway, about the experience, its good to know that you all doing your best to mitigate and give us the server without the instability but also isnt really nice to give alway time of your reall life to expend in g
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