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  1. I think that if they add more variety of skins on BCM and then make transparent tranformation scrolls on GST as the same price as regular ones or add more transparent scrolls to the actual bundle would be a good strategy to gain money from players Is what they want after all So, we see our character without a ridicolous ugly furry tranformation, and ncsoft gets money >10/10 way to prevent this game from dying<
  2. Good job Ncsoft! Now... how about transparent tranformation scrolls? it would be perfect if remove purchase limit and add more transparent tranformation scrolls to the gold sand shop bundle...
  3. So nothing about removing ugly tranformation skins or put transparent scrolls on gold sand shop? You ignored all those complains from people who liked the game from what it was and put effort on their character creation? I never complained about p2w, useless events, dumb bugs or overpriced stuff on BCM... I always played the game and had fun in someway but now I just can't keep going with ugly tranformations... Good luck with your furry zoo ncsoft... But for me is just dumb to play looking as a retarded penguin... hope you can notice your mistakes before it's to late.
  4. We need to buy transparent scroll from BCM... for real...? Whats the point of character creation if you gonna forcing us to look like a dumb penguin...
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