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  1. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    more than twice the population is elio, since the patch arrived, the camps are growing and camping, they are becoming more equipped, they are more, they do not let us take out crystals, they do not let us do pve, the pvp every week is more difficult how are your pampered children you let them make us bullying and conquer everything ... what do you have in the brain? Do you think that we are going to be the broken toy of the Elyos forever? you call this pvp? SHAME, in the end you will only have elios, many asmodians we are going to leave this new paytowin where elios always win ... thanks
  2. it's a shame and very pathetic that with the unbalanced elio that there is compelling us to do pvp against people who have the whole set up and every day more and more and more and more uploaded and we neither have pvp many and less uploaded, every day is more difficult to try to make camps when there are three times as many as the asmodians, they like the spoiled children of the game get it fast and climb it and we can not get it, you are forcing the asmodians players to leave the game, game that It is also made a garbage with the transformations and your new pay to win ... continue like this ...
  3. Aion Error E02018

    i have the same problem femaleshugo_textures.pak since more of ten hours ago, i cant install aion, no solution ¿?