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  1. Nah its just my rng that's broken
  2. Something I learned over the years of playing Aion, if something is free or useless, do it. Never know when you may need luna for resets, kinah boxes or the legendary enchant stones. If you have the prestige pack with the 12 characters, thats like 240 luna a week.
  3. @Cyan - Transformation System

    yea fun system..... I play Ranger and Vandal. I have all the legendary caster transforms and zero attack speed, physical crit/att. I'm doing great with this. Not sure which I like better, trying to get a legendary for my class or enchanting gear. Oh, before you mention/ask, I loathe the events that have you run an instance over and over for things. I'd watch paint dry before logging hours in an instance, yes my fault/preference.
  4. Valiant and Top Tier

    You coming back? Game is popping lol On topic, I have been on a lot when Valiant went and did the world boss tour. Never got kicked or told go away. I was on my Vandal with crap gear. Yes I am a white name ie legionless and still wasn't kicked or told legion only. Only time I received a go away, legion only was from Clarity and Dystopia (sp). I dont even bother with world bosses now, I just go there to catch the asmos that get strung along.
  5. Vandals cant open the green stigma boxes.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I quit, AND I'm taking my ball with me.
  7. This is stupid. We cant trade 95% of what is in game. Only thing this would be good for is those certain gov that decide to afk alts in the pvp instances so they dont have to pvp.
  8. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    They knew the storm was coming.
  9. <Fighting Spirit Fragment>

    WTB 13k Fighting Spirits. 3 kinah each
  10. The Cube Expansion Coins in the Vandal's Starter Kit aren't being recognized when I try to expand my cube on me Vandal. Also, as mentioned EC and ID giving old mats. I have 65 Legendary Ridium vs 15 Legendary Etium on my Vandal.
  11. What time frame are we looking at and do I have to seen a list of what I am missing?
  12. I look tan, but its just freckles running into each other
  13. and paler than a ghost. Same here
  14. I would think we all agree on this. And probably will be handled like the time we got new transforms and some werent in the pack or whatever that was.
  15. Please send ice and ointment next time.
  16. TBH, I dont remember too many launches going smoothly. Just the way stuff happens. Plus we have no jumping manastone events to compensate us
  17. twitter.com/AionOps
  18. WoW had that a few times in TBC. Plus everyone that played in TBC knew that patch days werent the best time to raid or do anything meaningful. This really isnt new to mmos. Especially Aion.
  19. What, a new server? Who? Where?
  20. Less salt in the diet. Plus the way it goes, two choices can be made, keep playing or quit. This kinda stuff has happened since Aion was released in the west. Hell I remember when I paid a sub fee and couldnt play till Wed night.
  21. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    A little less sodium in your diet, is strongly recommended.
  22. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

  23. Screenshot capacity

    Best thread. Thank you for the notice, omw to create another folder
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    To those demanding XXXX compensation or compensation because you didnt run something but you would have if there wasnt a bug, quit being so negative. I know I am not expecting the world from NC Soft, you are going in with the inappropriate attitude. When was the last time NC Soft got everything 100% correct? I'd be happy with the minimum of what I actually did not what I would or should have done. Anything more is just bonus and I wont be pissy if I felt entitled to more.