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  1. Not sure if this is working as intended or simply outdated due to the new system with the patch. The bonus damage against PCs for “Transformation: Guardian General” (available for 5-stars and higher) is not working as it should. Before the 6.X patch the buff boosts the player’s PvP atk by around 50% but because of the lvl 76 passive buffs, it renders this boost useless. This buff can be changed to give the new pvp attack stat, (not sure what is equivalent to the old 50% pvp atk) but maybe +1,000-2,000 PvP Attack?
  2. Hey, I wonder if a magic class could benefit from having a +15 distort sunayaka weapon for exchange. It says we could pick a weapon of CHOICE, does that mean I could trade a sunayaka polarm for a harp? For tempered accessory, why does hat count as armor? Do we need to have another spare accessory tempered to whatever level for the rate you want, just to get a hat back or have the enchanted armor to be exchanged for a hat? Also could I just hold x5 +8 lvl 75 prime guardian hats and be able to receive 5 armor boxes that I could pick from? I myself wouldn't be able to have any exchange other than plume/bracelet because I don't own any lvl 80 AP or master harvester.