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  1. Farewell Daevas!

    So... at this point a russian private server probably has like 3 times the number of people supporting it even tho they don't even need to do patch updates and don't get paid. Fun stuff. Just one final request: The last one to leave NC Soft please lock the door and leave the server password in the forums for future reference Thanks! ^^ (No, really it's BEYOND me how people support, maintain and balance a game without never even touching it) (It's like flying a spaceship without knowing what any of the buttons do) I wonder what his new job is - hopefully it's not something at NASA - cause then you'll land on the moon a whole year after KR and EU.
  2. Remove contracts and just make the potions craftable and tradable... Tune the stats so it doesn't have to be 100 different types in 5 different colors no red (ultimate) bs with 165% movement speed... and 165% attack and casting speed... and immortality for 15 minutes while I go to the bathroom??? no white and green stuff that nobody uses anyway SIMPLIFY THINGS: - only one type, 3-4 different version(1 for physical dps, 1 for magic dps... 1 for resistances... SIMPLE) - each lasts 5 min you run around - you gather mats - you craft however many potions you want... and you sell the rest! I don't understand why you have to gather contracts.. combine contracts.. complete collections of contracts???? and I don't know what else Count how many different things you have to do DAILY in this game: - 15 different pieces of gear: each can be enchanted, upgraded, socketed... and I don't know what else (at least you don't have to augment and condition it anymore??) - 15 different stigmas - each can be enchanted upgraded and I don't know what else - 15 cubics - each can be upgraded I don't know how many times - 15 daevonian skills that can be boosted, combined and... god knows what else you do with these - minions that can be upgraded - and now on top of that - transformation contracts! Imagine you are a new player... you level up to 80... and there are 10 different things to do... Not 6... 60 hours per day won't be enough to do all of these... Why 5-6 years ago it was simple?? (and the game was actually popular) You get 5 pieces of gear and 1 weapon - you enchant them to +15... you socket some stones... and YOU ARE DONE! That's it! that's all you had to do! There's literally no benefit for anyone from making things 10 times more complicated than they need to be! "But we lose players because people don't have anything to do in end game!" You have ALREADY lost these players! If you lose any more players it will go into a negative number!
  3. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    I'm enjoying the RU private servers actually decided to try one for the first time couple of weeks ago and the experience has been great so far! they got 3.5 recently and thousands of people are playing! (max lvl60, only the classic 8 classes, no gunner, sw, etc. Sarpan is the end game map) very classic grindy experience ^^ if you are anywhere in EU and you feel nostalgic definitely give it a try they even got some koreans playing there! LOL on NA I just log in to check what they got after they release a new patch... and that's it I leveled up a painter... I got to demaha... I saw I can't kill any of the mobs there with the campaign quest gear and I said: "oke, I'm out... see you next patch" I will give 7.5 a try whenever it comes out... but I highly doubt it can keep me for more than 3-4 days... while the classic Aion... it just keeps you going... even if it's 10 years old game... you can definitely tell why it was so successful (P.S you know the russians mean business when a single server can handle 5000+ people playing simultaneously on the weekends LOL)
  4. New Class is coming?

    Bruh... that's ncsoft korea's official youtube channel... The video was published today and is unlisted
  5. New Class is coming?

    it's supposed to be a TEASER video... not actual game play... If you actually make a teaser video of its sister class (sw) it would look pretty similar to it... but with music instead of paint I'm not sure when 7.0 is coming up in Korea? But probably somewhere in summer 2019? We already have different types of bosses or mobs that spill such gooey stuff on the ground... it's not a new mechanic to the game
  6. NC. Danaria Elyos need your help.

    LMAO... the asmos are bad af 😂😂😂 They have ALWAYS been.. I keep laughing so hard when I see them jumping around trying to do something in siege. Totally useless... it's one of the reasons I dont come to siege And the best part is they think they can ACTUALLY PVP... LOOOOL and they know how to do strategies during sieges... PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK... hahahaha it has nothing to do with numbers or lagging or running speed or other lame excuses absolutely nothing The only thing you EVER need for a siege is A BRAIN!!! a functioning Brain... And guess which faction is lacking it at moment... yup you guess it right... the furballs I'm still amazed at how they think they can actually PvP.. it's always ridiculous to see their "geared" players thinking they can do something and jumping 1v5 and then getting 1-shot... LMAO Anyway, seriously... the majority of people have no idea what sieging even means! You only need ONE coordinated alliance of x-forms... O N E... and they can stomp through 200+ people + their x-forms... 10 players with YELLOW gear CAN BURN an X-FORMED Templar in 20 seconds!!! 20 seconds!!! and he's dead you just need brain and a leader... and that's all
  7. Thank you, @Cyan for the valuable information! And congrats to the team for talking to the devs about tweaking the release and items to better suit out region! the effort you put in this is really appreciated! I think we are off to a great release in NA... much much better compared to other regions! (And also people should stop comparing our patch to EU or KR versions... clearly things here will be different and better!) Thanks again!
  8. GUYS.... wtf? I have absolutely no idea what's the point of enchanting something that will NOT exist in 3 weeks lmao In 6.x you get your new gear the exact same way you used get it before... (in 4.x, 5.x etc)... you run around the camps in the new zone, do your daily quests.. and then go an buy whatever new gear you want... everyone would be doing that... Old gear does NOT exist anymore... old enchatment stones do not exist anymore... forget about this already... There is not point in converting old gear to anything... it's useless... Just farm the mats for the new gear and buy it... like in every Aion version... for the past 10 years LOL And of course like in everyone Aion version if you like crafting you can also craft the new gear... that's it... simple and easy... no enchatments no supplements... this is gone already
  9. dude... I don't want to underestimate the intelligence of the kids still playing this... but they ALL got on the complaint / hate train WITHOUT even understanding what transformations mean... WITHOUT even reading the freaking patch notes... and first thing is they go to forums to complain that it is a "core feature" of the game... "where are my running scrolls..." "where's my attack speed... " "waaahh.. waaahh.. waahhh" Like whining babies... it's annoying... it's especially annoying because EVERY SINGLE THING that they ask for is already there IN THE GAME... not in the cash shop... not in the cuna or kinah shop... it's IN THE GAME EXISTING... IN THEIR INVENTORIES! If they actually open their inventories... (and actually read the converted items description...) before writing non-sense in the forums... things would be so much easier... And one more negligible, little, tiny, insignificant, minuscule spec of information... that all of the kids missed Once you get the infamous, all-so-hated, super-mega-pay2win transformation contract... you get them FOR LIFE! Until the end of your gaming experience and the end of the universe... you have it FOREVER... and no one can take this great achievement from you... Now ask yourself... do YOU really want to have +45% atk speed and +60% running speed (FOR LIFE) just a few days into the new patch? Do you really need these stats... FROM DAY 1??? That's the real question... because the way the koreans decided to change their game is that NO TWO people on the server would ever have the same atk / cast speed and running speed.... It will always be different and someone would always run 3% faster... or make 10 more autos on the boss.... because he had 5% more atk speed... And you know what... in the make NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL... That 3-5% slower and faster means absolutely nothing... even if you PvP against some 15 minutes non-stop... it would still mean nothing... You can only notice a difference if one person has green contract.. and the other has purple... everything else is irrelevant... And trust me even 1 or 2 months into the new patch NOBODY would have purple transformation... NO BO DY It's exactly the same case (if you remember back before 5.0) there used to be general gear, commander gear, governor gear, etc... Gear that actually existed in the game.. and gave you crazy stats... but NOBODY actually ever had it...or used it... that's the realilty of something that exists but you would never ever really get Out of the 5 people that get lucky to obtain purple contracts after 1-2 months, I guarantee you, you would never ever meet or see or hear about any these players for as long as you play.. it's that rare... You DON'T NEED to run around and jump like a crazy squirrel while doing PvP... the game is freaking TAB TARGETTING... none of this matter... you would always be in range for that juicy 4K DP skill... that is the reality you play in even before 6.x
  10. Final Power Up?

    Don't get so hyped about this "exchange gear spreadsheet"... the single reason this exchange even exists is that people who spent tons of money on getting +30 mythic gear in 5.8... don't start complaining and sending tickets to support.... For everyone else it's completely irrelevant... One month into the new patch everyone would be running in gear that's TIMES better than 80% of what they offer in this spreadsheet.... In my opinion exchanging anything that's +20 or less... is simply not worth bothering... I mean, yea.. obviously they gonna give you something to use... (so you don't walk around naked XD) but it's just temporary replacement while you get the actual gear... In 6.2 (no one uses 6.0) everyone would be grinding and gathering mats for the new ultimate (red) gear... so... that should be the main goal... the exchanged gear only matters for the first 2-3 weeks at most... then it becomes obsolete because you gonna start replacing it... It's the same case how after the 5.0 update everyone rushed to upgrade their ancient coin gear to mythic... and then few months later this gear was totally obsolete... and no one used it anymore... although technically it still exists in the game....
  11. Final Power Up?

    yea, if they don't release in October they better shutdown the servers, lol October is not that bad for a release month actually.. I'm expecting official announcement at some point next week (it's last week of september... so they have to post what's gonna happen next month)
  12. A message from CEO

    ... yea... that's what happens when you're bored and tired of waiting for 6.0... so you decide to browse websites that haven't been updated in years! I'm pretty sure that in Sep 2018 there are no more than 3 people working on Aion, Lineage and WildStar (combined)... so now each of them has their own twitter, to post when the maintenance (that doesn't bring anything new) is ready Amazing... GG.. Also if the korean NCSoft keeps failing with attempts like MxM... they soon won't be able to sustain even their existing games... Their Last successful title (BnS?) was released what? 6-7 years ago... Even MMO as a genre hasn't seen anything successful in the past 2-3 years... I'm telling you... that one company, that manages to fulfill players expectations with a new MMO title, will make a buttload of money... I only hope it's asian... because... "Asians Do it Better" ™
  13. Truth about 6.0

    I have no idea why people are complaining about questing and the candies / transformation scrolls LOL We've ALWAYS had these same things since Aion existed... I don't know what this guy is expecting from 6.0??? to remove candies and to change the questing system to what? C'mon bro... Candies (transformation scrolls) and quests have ALWAYS been the same in Aion.... Before 6.0 EVERYONE used Candy, Running scroll, attack speed scroll, casting speed scroll, crit strike scroll, food, drink, elemental resistance scroll.. etc. etc. etc... you end up with 20 buffs from scrolls that don't even fit on your screen... LITERALLY 3 rows of buffs in normal PvE instances... (even the game starts bugging if you have more than 20 buffs) After 6.0 they just combined all this shït in ONE SCROLL... much more simpler... what is the problem with that... I don't understand... Before 6.0 EVERYONE still looks like a fox / bear / penguin / sheep.. etc... when they are doing PvP... literally everyone... After 6.0 you you get the new transformation scroll EXACTLY the same way you now get running scrolls... buy them with kinah, craft them, sell them, get them as drops, etc, etc... Do you think before 6.0 it's cheaper to buy / craft LITERALLY 10 different types of scrolls, food and drink? Than to just spend money on ONE scroll that gives you everything you need? Use your brain for a second at least... ffs On another note... all my characters in Aion are always the minimum available height... and I play at max camera distance... so I can actually see what's in front of me in open world... these settings make your character soo freaking tiny on the screen that it really doesn't matter if it looks like a polar bear or a trаsh can (tin man candy).. you literally can't tell the difference LOL
  14. Aion 6.0 EU release date 19/9/2018

    So... this is it, huh... this is how the NA servers end... This is when you realize that they will NOT release anything any more... because there's nobody actually working on it... Allow me to refresh your memory: https://na.aiononline.com/en/news/patch-notes/ 4.8 - Jun 17, 2015 5.0 - Jul 13, 2016 5.1 - Aug 24, 2016 5.3 - Nov 9, 2016 5.6 - Jul 19, 2017 5.8 - Jan 10, 2018 6.x - .............. NEVER .............. This is not NCSoon anymore... NCSoon could actually release a patch before EU did...Welcome to NCNever who cannot even make a forum post to say if there's anyone left alive at the office... Korea releases 3 (THREE) patches per year... NA releases 1 (ONE) patch per year... there was one patch in 2017... and there was one patch in 2018... and that's it... gg