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  1. So..i +20'd my boundless armor that gives pvp defense...but the additional stats arent pvp....they're pve instead, is there going to be a fix for this soon? https://imgur.com/bSf95yt
  2. Would be surprised if they did fixed FT anytime soon i've dc'd 9x within the one day its been here already so many runs wasted.
  3. Tried everytrhing as well just dc'd AGAIN like i cant even get anything done at all during this event just gonna sell w/e i got and try to ask for resets for the fail runs i dc'd on and not waste my time with th is event until its fixed
  4. just when i thought the 2 new items were going to be a fix for the pvp attack/defense of items showing PVE attack/defense instead of PVP or none at all..sadface
  5. same for the boundless armor that have pvp defense on it but when enchanted past 15 get P.V.E attack instead of P.V.P
  6. lol There's even more bothering things thats going on in the game besides a fallen poeta exploit a the moment that they arent even looking into what makes you think they will even bother looking at this either. Got people going around "moving on the ground while they are dead" just to get next to the person they want to kill and instant rez up with no animation and jump on them and kill them in the blink of an eye lol and they're still playing so this will be nothing different.
  7. wonder if they're going to put both on the last week since we only have 1 week left lol.
  8. I agree with you I have boundless armor pieces at +20 also and its giving pve attack instead of pvp attack even though it should be pvp attack not pve, it needs to be fixed.
  9. hmm pushed back "another month" eh.......T_T
  10. Yea I want to know if we will be getting the rewards also
  11. Tsuki...you asking for too much and we know it
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