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  1. I was really hoping we would get the retune buff. I guess not.
  2. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Keep waiting on an event to HELP ease the pain of returning to the game after having real life obligations where I was unable to play. Yet here we are with more crap. So much for returning to play.
  3. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    Guess it will get fixed once the cake is gone. Perfect timing.
  4. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    It's unacceptable to have not been fixed. A one time event, an event that makes the prestige pack the most useful and yet it has been rendered completely useless. I know I shouldn't be surprised by this and yet I'm still disappointed. Completely ruined Aion's Anniversary week.
  5. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    Still waiting for a response from support and here. Paying for something we can't use. Losing instance entries on a one time event of increased XP. Come on guys.
  6. What's wrong with SFT?

    Well unfortunately you just ruined the quality of play for the rest of the game. The 32 bit client is inferior. To top it off, we are still crashing in SFT.
  7. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I'm unable to apply my prestige pack for 2 days now. I'm paying for something I can't use. We do not get these days back, you'll bill me the same time next month and I'll have lost days. Unless you plan on prorating it?