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  1. The Feels

    stfu Jake,... we all know, ur not done,. lol... no matter sever, ur dumb ass will be back,.. take ur break,.. we entitled to it,.. see u on flip side
  2. wat if?

    You could hide for 5 sec ( yes, sin deep hide ) para, 5 sec, or silence, - which would you choose? - trying to sort out out, wat others find valuable, in those options
  3. Funny Pics for the Lulz Thread

    question,.. can post youtube links here, or, is that a " no-no" ?
  4. Mayweather vs McGregor

  5. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Shit hit the fan lol,... any commenters?
  6. now im worried about the state of the game

    and, they give us, in response to all of our dedicated yrs, this shit scam excuse of a " forum " ... omg,... its the worst,.. cant even single out a peculiar server forum,.. are we all just mushed into one now, like a gigantic marshmallow?...So wrong,.. all yrs we gave here, to be done like this
  7. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    ^^ worst advice, ever,.. way to perpetuate helpless females, goat... u should be ashamed to know, some of our best gamers here, are females,... your post, = shit/crap appalled, he even got a like for that - bad Cheese
  8. now im worried about the state of the game

    Apologies Khyri,.. been trying to sort out new system,.. we agree, in many things,..some,.. insubstantial, if you can let go of the "sob stories ", I'm sure, we could be more agreeable.. hackers, that run relentless here, is the greatest undoing. Its been going on now, for several yrs but, now that its costing ppl money,.. its no longer funny,.. would like NCsoft/Aion to support. Enough, is enough!
  9. now im worried about the state of the game

    mmkay Khyri,.. say this after u spent yrs of ur hrs here,.. and some dipshit noob - sin/ranger/ - name it class, wrecked u, and, u KNOW it wasn't possible/fair- this has been Aion, for uncountless yrs now.. us good ppl know it,.. the cheaters too
  10. ....Maybe I am incredibly stupid,.. but,.. I made this thread, from some random clicks? - Is there another way, to reconnect with forum, that,. I'm just lost to? I feel like Jack Sparrow, when he was lost on the isle...
  11. More Frequent Exp. events ?

    forgive me for wet blanket,.. but last yr, the anniversary was beyond stupid/useless... my hope/wish, is that they went back to the past yrs, of anniversary,.. back when it was good
  12. O.o

    ty Nyali,.. I'm still suffering at the drastic change, but,.. I will adjust,.. I'm still having trouble however, in linking back to chat topic options, which, I know, doesn't concern you... Ur a doll, and, I appreciate ur reply tho <3
  13. now im worried about the state of the game

    seems so redundant to even type this,.. but, lol, wth,.. the amount of hackers, still in this game, is what did me in, and blatant refusal of game hosts, to address. That, and the prices... will love Aion, forever, great memories, but, its NOT WORKING now.. even if they moved ALL, into one server,.. it still would not fix. Kill cancer, at its source, and, you may stand a chance.. sadly, our Aion, believes in taking supplements, rather then a full surgery. ( ex )
  14. O.o

    Oh gods! ,.. is there any way to change this new forum to look like the old one?