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  1. Into the Nightmare

    Mmk Made it through the quest, sends me back to talk with Rainia. When I speak with her, it sends me back in to start all over again. Again clicking on the orb boots me completely out of the game. Re-log back in and my character is now in the dungeons. I think I'm going to see what abandoning the quest does. Hopefully it will let me advance and get me out the loop.
  2. Into the Nightmare

    Trying to make my way through this instanced quest - Into the Nightmare. I make it to the temple and collect the orb. I get maybe 2 seconds of a cutscene before I'm booted out of the game with a chat log error message? When I log back into the game, I am in the Kaliga Dungeons. Robstin is dead and not able to find where ol'Kaliga has hidden away to. There's a bookcase in the manor that I'm not able to make it pass - what needs to die besides myself to open it? Or is there a switch? This is on my Kinrai gunslinger character - been away for a while and came back to a lot of changes ^^