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  1. Well I’m experimenting with all of them up to lvl 11/12. But I’d really like to play class and fill a good strong roll in for both pvp/pve one day.
  2. Does my monthly sub. amount change from $15 to 30$ monthly? I recently bought the sub/prestige pack for one character, but I wanted it for another one also, and am curious. I do not want to be billed monthly for 30$, just the 15. Will I have to cancel the old one ?
  3. I've leveled a templar, chanter, cleric, SM, AT, & gunner up to lvl 10-12 range and still cant decide on a class to play. I'm leaning to Cleric though. I love the fact that I can basically just out survive any class and kill them. Plus heals.
  4. Just curious as to what is least played for pvp, and least played for pve. Or even, which class do you rarely see around? Which class(es) do you see most of ? I'm trying out AT after being away for years. Not sure I'm fully into it though..
  5. I had the Shugofemale textures error. I did what you said, and it fixed it easily. Just thought I'd let you know it worked for me. thank you cheese!
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