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  1. Enchantment Stones & Daevanion Marks of Knowledge Mail

    @Cyan I bought 800transform contract since patch 6.0, but didn't even give me 1 legendary transform, does the contract sale on BCM really can get you legendary transform? Yesterday I bought another 100 contract only give you 1 ancient transform after open 100 contract
  2. plus 6 of +13 accssories with 6 legendary stone and fail 6 times in a row @Cyan bought 300 contract when we start 6.0 and it didn't even give me a chance to try combine 1 legendary, and another 400 give me 14 ancient transform, this rate needs to be improve.
  3. 700 contract gets 24 ancient transform and 0 legendary. combined 6, 4 and 4 and at the end got 3 ancient transform
  4. Craft Gear

    For now just craft a ultimate weapon since it will cost 25M of AP and other parts will cost lost of AP(Optional), it will cost your 1B but last for a year which is very reasonable price. The cost of buying a ultimate weapon are same as you getting 20 legendary stone which might not able to get your gear to legendary +10.
  5. Craft Gear

    Craft gear is a easy and cheap option, but remember you can only use craft gear for at most a year and you can't purify them to the new gear on 7.0. So my opinion is get your gear to legendary +10 then wait for 6.5 when they boost the enchantment rate.
  6. About AION 7.0 gear purify

    Hi guys, just want to ask if we can purify the compensation gears from 5.8 to 7.0 gear or we should start to get new gears from beginning?
  7. What happen to enchantment now

    When 6.2 just started, only need 20 gold and 8 legendary stone to enchant a gold gear to 15, this week I used around 80 stone to get my gold spell book to +10, then 20 legendary stone now it's still +10, what is the rate for enchant now?