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  1. got 3 stigmas to +12, 28 fails in a row. with 80 stigmas today @Cyan, we really need better RNG on enchantment, we don't get any new player come to this game and current RNG making lots of players giving up and quit.
  2. Need 1200 stigma enchantment stones to +15 with safe spot after +12
  3. Got two +12 stigmas, first one took 140, second one 70, third one used 200 so far, now is +9
  4. Hi Cyan, the skins on my gear went missing after server transfer, I lodged 2 ticket already but they just said wait for development team, it's been 9 weeks, could you please follow it up? thanks.
  5. RNG works, just see chiki stream, and 80 stone got two +12
  6. Bad RNG or the success rate were wrong, 50 in a row and no even get +11
  7. Sorc with 20300 magic attack only gets 25000 damage max with critical, and it's 4 secs casting time but vandal able to kill sorc within 2 sec with 40K+15k+7k and 5k
  8. @Cyan I have question about this skill, on database Frigid Wave: If critical it reduce target's movement speed reduction for 5 seconds But in NA, it's reduce 20% movement speed for 8 sec and it's 100% chance Was that a mistake on translating?
  9. when you on manastone enchantment window, you need to select the stone you want to socket, and you need to select the supplement on the same window which next to it. remember you need to select supplement for each manastone. if you do 5 manastone in a row, supplement will only apply on first enchantment.
  10. @Cyan please look into give compensation for players got transferred and missing lugbug quest
  11. Missing Lugbug quest after server transfer, and half of the skin on my gears were missing, it's been more than 2 months and I still "waiting" for development team fix it.
  12. @Cyan Dark dragon weapon skin and 2 Ereshkigal amors on existing gears are missing after server transfer, also he lugbug icon not there anymore Here is the response: After replicating and confirming the bug, it will be entered into our bug tracking system so that the Development Team can address it. My question is how long it'll takes to get my missing skins back?
  13. if you don't have +15 gear, just start from new acient t2 gear, new legendary +15 t2 have similar status as +15 ultimate t1, and legendary +15 are so much easier than enchant ultimate gear. if you do all quest now, you should be getting 30+ legendary enchantment stone.
  14. I was kill by Jesen like 2 secs Here is the reply from NC, Hello, Thank you for contacting the Aion Support Team. I understand that it is hard to insert a manastone into an item; however, please understand that this particular mechanic is governed by random mechanics. We are not aware of any issues regarding the process of inserting a manastone. Thank you for understanding. 20 ultimate manastone was like 1b kinah, and at the end i used another 5 legendary manastone which was another 200M, 1200M for 1 slot
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