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    1- Armor then Weapon 2- Vindicator for all classes
  2. Housign Scripts still bugged

    Sadly Still buged
  3. Fix for House Script Bug

    And still buged
  4. PVP gear for 6.2

    As Glad Vindicator
  5. @Sitca-KT In Korea the rate in 6.2 was also crap. In 6.5 they made them higher. 6.5 is more of a fix of 6.2 I stoped playing in EU 6.2 after a week
  6. aion 6.0 transform contracts

    From the 2 free scrolls in EU. One White One Green. But i got lucky i guess, but i think only because they knew i wont stay long there xD.
  7. EU is saying goodbye to 5.8. Welcomes 6.0

    EU even now have a release date: The 19th September. And here we are still w8 for any news at all.