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  1. I sit right next to he router and the most I've gotten before I have to log in again is 1 hour and 35 minutes. When I change rooms or sit outside of the room I get 30 - 45 minutes and when I sat outside I got 6 minutes. I don't use ping reducer and I don't have anti virus on I just have windows defender. This has been my third day after coming back from a break. I think I used to get longer before the break. I don't know if it's my laptop (it has a i3 processor and falling apart a bit), the wifi or the servers.
  2. You know along the road where the appearance modifier was and the shop where you could buy dyes for your clothes and hair? Well now a building is blocking the path. Where do I get dyes from now?
  3. I couldn't keep playing, I had to switch toons. @Cyan please fix this.
  4. I went in to do my yellow quest and I exited before completing and when I came back to go in, it says wait one minute, so I did. I clicked it again and it still said one minute. I went to do other quests which took like about an hour maybe then I came back but it was still saying to wait one minute. Everyone else could get in just fine and I am stuck outside.
  5. Yes please add the plastic surgery ticket to the Black cloud marketplace! My SW needs the new hair! @Cyan
  6. I exited Drakenspire Depths before completing the campaign quest. When I clicked the orb to go back in it said I have to wait 1 minute before re-entering. 1 hour later, it was still saying I have to wait 1 minute.
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