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  1. @Cyan Please check the 2nd post I quoted and explain why it contradicts the parts that I bolded out. I double checked it myself and the service DOES exist and RUNS after the game is closed, this is concerning and makes it appear you guys don't have any control over what this thing even does or does not, so how to trust this? We do indeed need an anticheat, but not an invasive one...
  2. @Cyan Since you seem active enough, can you answer or pinpoint Hime/Gideon towards my previous questions? Because the tool is released in less than 48h and I am sure some of us would like to know in advance if we're getting something intrusive (i.e: accessing files that are not related to Aion, like bank data, passwords, etc...) or that doesn't allow multiclienting/ping reducing.....
  3. @Cyan / @Hime or even @Gideon With all due respect, but I believe one of you at least should be checking this thread and answering some of the questions people have about this XIGNCODE thing. It's only fair that you can, as our only reliable link to NCSoft, ensure us, the players, that our data (even OFF THE GAME data, as some say, mind you) won't be sent/shared/suspiciously accessed by some asian company due your choice of Antihacking Tool and, therefore, you should probably speak up about the topic as it's something we're all to a certain degree concerned about. (I mean, your developers
  4. Please @Cyan, do answer that one, because it seems quite extreme to first not even give a heads up of such a thing and second, put something that is not even supposed to exist at this moment, let alone the way of obtaining it.... makes no sense, to say the least.
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