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  1. This patch requires more kinah than the previous one. They should at least decrease the amount of kinah required to retune ultimate items.
  2. As far as I know, the only available gear that comes with predefined stats (like the old Titan set) is the one we should craft to get it, right? The gear we can buy using the experience marks comes with random stats.
  3. Please, add EXP as a reward in the Katalam quests
  4. It is still working for me. I have no idea why there is no such a file in your folder.
  5. For me, the main problem with NA servers is not these p2w events. The biggest problem is that the quality of the servers is not being improved. The development team doesn't listen to the community and bugs are everywhere (the biggest example is EC). I'm sorry, but I think the current situation is worse than private / pirate servers.
  6. Yesterday I tried 8 ultimates stones on a legendary item +12 and it is now +14 (i.e., 6 of 8 have failed). On the other hand, my pve items are so easy to enchant. Is there any difference between pve and pvp rates?
  7. @CyanOk, does this mean that instance entries will be reset tomorrow? Can you please confirm this information?
  8. Where are the details about emergency maintenance? I hope such a maintenance fixes the EC.
  9. Sillus Mountains ost, the best sound I've heard in Aion
  10. Does anyone know if the next version will have more items available to buy with the Mark Protection Token? I'm thinking to buy the wing but if there will be new items in next patch I wont buy it.
  11. Enchanting my whole PvP set to +15 is being a difficult task (for everyone). I have some legendary pieces and some ancient pieces +10, so I decided to do craft gear According to the new damage formula, one step is to sum current attack + PvP/PvE damage. So for instance, a crafted (crit) legendary ring +0 is better than an ancient ring +10 in terms of attack? Crafted Legendary Ring +0 (https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/122003092): PvP attack: 45 Physical Attack: 70 Total: 115 Ancient Ring +10 (https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/122003058) PvP Attack: 49 + 18
  12. I totally agree with you. I do not understand why the matchmaking of instances like Idgel and Arena are so bad, this simply leaves the game totally annoying for new players as well as casual old players.
  13. Can someone explain to me how the matchmaking of instances like Dredge, Idgel and Arena work? Rarely an interesting and fun PvP happens. Almost always one of the situations occurs: I am much stronger than the enemy or vice versa
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