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  1. Yeah I got sexually Harassed in game called said person the"f" word and I got the ban I tried pleading that you know... um But it did not matter I got reported first the finger was pointed at me I MUST be the bad guy, The f word followed by the a g you know that one word
  2. Here I was looking for NA release date for 6.0 and I could not help but think about the several years prior Looking up 3.0 4.0 4.8 5.0 Feels all so long ago. You know I only ever feel in love with the game with the fortress to me Pve felt like the thing I had to do to have the upper hand at the pvp battles, Yet now the most action you get is a few people randomly fighting each other. Were did all the Magic go? I think back all the good times I had then I log in and I'm just feeling like its all empty inside sure merged servers put a bunch of people together but now 99% of the player base is ju
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