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  1. Do like WoW and some of the Others have always done, remain still for more and 1 min GONE!!!!!!!!!!! now that said, you can time you Bio breaks accordingly!!! Bio? Short of Biological, i.e. urination and defecation. That is old terminology from ARPANET the Military's role playing days of Simulated WAR, I as a Participant know as SFC SilverClaw!! A Nic name given to a little Cherokee baby boy by his Cherokee Grandfather, born to a Caucasian blonde haired, blue eyed Father, I being born with white (silver) hair and mother never knowing she had to trim my nails, Poor Grandfather raoollllll LOL!!
  2. If hitting the nail on the head were more than just as saying!!! I will agree, I became one of those hateful individuals and now I understand the going into instances and not participating, I'll try to be a bit less vulgar in my statements ; ) makes perfect sense now to me and perhaps I'll not be as hate filled! I did say perhaps, getting here took a long time in coming, I am sure going back the other way will take time as well!!!!!!!!!!
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