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  1. I'm going to have to agree with you here. The grind was there to encourage players to explore other content. In fact, alot of the Aion Classics mechanics rely on player diversifying their time. All that artificial kinah generated from candys accelerated server progress in crafting, skill book purchases, PVP turrets (although they're rubbish but the concept is there), questing (buying cheeses in SR, that rift essence to get into DP later), and of course consumables. This leads to another area where they messed up. They literally handed out consumables through that deava pass, bypassing any
  2. It's kinda amusing to me that people forget the queue at launch 2 weeks ago? I remember I was stuck in queue of 26 thousand (out of 29k) and 9 thousand for ishraphel (i was back of the line QQ). When server balancing was still a thing during launch, I'd assume things looked differently to what it is today. That said, 2 days of monitoring and calling it quits for the next 2 weeks is kinda nyerk poor commitment.
  3. Technically they are doing something. https://www.aiononline.com/news/prime-gaming-loot-for-aion-classic But personally i don't think this partnership will be enough to sway people's opinion on what's happening with classic.
  4. To ellaborate the difference, NCjapan has done something once a day for 7 days straight. NCwest as far as I could tell on the forums, has only posted on the 23rd and 24th of June 2021. Also the event that japan got, only gives 1 x reset scrolls to DC, ADMA or TLABS
  5. They also did implement a "DivaPass" http://power.ncsoft.jp/aion/powerWiki/ディーヴァパスについて
  6. OMG i just found the most halarious thing for F2P. Check this out. https://press.ncsoft.jp/notice/aionclassic/2021preclassic/ if google translate is correct, apparently you only need to pre-register to get the item auto-loot pet and wings. Here's a list for how many "balancing" actions, NCjapan has taken to keep servers stable in numbers. Compare that to NCwest https://www.ncsoft.jp/aionclassic/news/notice/list they get an event too. https://press.ncsoft.jp/notice/aionclassic/Agenta/ They also made a wiki SPECIFICALLY for aion classic https://press.n
  7. This is worrying. There may be very little avenue to verify whether NCwest and criminal gangs are working together. Still, the possibilty is there.
  8. ... and it seems they brought over 3 streamers from first person shooters to promote their game. I have not seen twitch viewership this high on aion before. Not even when NA released their classic (last I checked it was sitting at 20k viewers). Does anyone know the difference why NCjapan is outperforming here?
  9. Thanks for that lol. Been busy but @Kibbelz if you got the time, please take this up with your co-workers and boss'. Thanks in advance.
  10. Well guys, i just hit 35 on an SM. I spent no money on classic, and my current level shows. My thoughts about the game so far, is that my expectation are met. I believe the team at NCwest has done a good job at running the classic servers so far with a relatively smooth launch day. Unfortunately, I won't be continueing to play after this free week because of a number of personal reasons. That said, going into the future for classic, there needs to be a few things NCwest can do to encourage people like me to buy their sub. That is to make a seperate classic server and fully fund it b
  11. 14.8 billion kinah for leg xform contract? BWAHAHAHAHA
  12. I've been slowly more curious about this recently. So I today i picked random quarterly's to see what's up with NC. Turns out, they've been doing fine since they've been f2p maintaining 25 billion won per quarter. Interestingly, they dropped approximately 100% from the monthly sub model (check 2013 Q2 or Q3 since f2p started around 2012) The other things I've noticed every huge influx of income has come from other titles or get this, new monetisation schemes. I also checked on what's up with mobile games. Looking at their Q2 2018 report, mobiles did a mind blowing run on sales (not
  13. I think emotions are mostly black at this stage. But yeah, if they wanted to know what is happening to their game, they just needed to ask. No need to ID yourself. No need to defend your boss. I tried to stream this game back near 5.8 to 6.0 transition. The game was .... rough to play, to say the least. But what really compounded the situation is radio silence and that made really hard for me to answer question people had. People have evolved in how they play games in general. Just come up with questions that asks us what made Aion great in the first place. Dumping surveys to satisfied pl
  14. Funny. I made a similar post about how Aion was doing so well last quarter. Now this quarter, everything has miraculously improved and Aion failing. Honestly, this game has some many things added to it along with stuff that got removed... just asking your average veteran Aion player which things they like the most. I reckon the survey listing all the features in the last 10 years would be massive. Maybe even take an hour to fill out! You might be thinking, no one has time for that. But I've seen people donate money to help other transfer off a dead server. The passion for this game i
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