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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    14.8 billion kinah for leg xform contract? BWAHAHAHAHA
  2. I've been slowly more curious about this recently. So I today i picked random quarterly's to see what's up with NC. Turns out, they've been doing fine since they've been f2p maintaining 25 billion won per quarter. Interestingly, they dropped approximately 100% from the monthly sub model (check 2013 Q2 or Q3 since f2p started around 2012) The other things I've noticed every huge influx of income has come from other titles or get this, new monetisation schemes. I also checked on what's up with mobile games. Looking at their Q2 2018 report, mobiles did a mind blowing run on sales (not profit). 727 BILLION WON, which is 222 million USD for their Q3 2017. Compare that to 10 million USD for aion.... we're just small pickings.... hope this gives you guys some perspective. (probably should point out, NC payroll have tripled since 2009.... so they got more people)
  3. Q & A session with the Community

    I think emotions are mostly black at this stage. But yeah, if they wanted to know what is happening to their game, they just needed to ask. No need to ID yourself. No need to defend your boss. I tried to stream this game back near 5.8 to 6.0 transition. The game was .... rough to play, to say the least. But what really compounded the situation is radio silence and that made really hard for me to answer question people had. People have evolved in how they play games in general. Just come up with questions that asks us what made Aion great in the first place. Dumping surveys to satisfied players that are still playing is not the same as asking those that have stopped.
  4. Funny. I made a similar post about how Aion was doing so well last quarter. Now this quarter, everything has miraculously improved and Aion failing. Honestly, this game has some many things added to it along with stuff that got removed... just asking your average veteran Aion player which things they like the most. I reckon the survey listing all the features in the last 10 years would be massive. Maybe even take an hour to fill out! You might be thinking, no one has time for that. But I've seen people donate money to help other transfer off a dead server. The passion for this game is undeniable, and I'd think people would spend the time to tell NCsoft EXACTLY what they want for this game if they ever bloody asked us. TLDR: You can't say one patch will kill Aion or save it. Only NCsoft can kill it.
  5. It's been a few days now and so far support has given plenty of template replies. Nothing on when they'll change their CDN.
  6. Hey guys, So I was thinking of coming back after a few months break. I had my files moved out of C drive which was my ssd to save space. Since moving them back to the install folder and hitting the update button, the launcher triggered my firewall. Apparently the launcher was trying to download from [http] dljhv20e50fab.cloudfront.net/AION/225/Patch/Zip/bin32/CryFont.dll.zip//CryFont.dll Of course the updater couldn't progress any further, hence why I'm stuck. So the first thing I did was google what cloudfront.net is exactly. Results were that I didn't like what I've found. Most websites suggest it was bad, some just say it's another data distribution company from amazon. Support hasn't helped, they just ignored my request for an alternative mirror/ftp yesterday.
  7. Assassin issues

    wow this is so wrong... please fix this
  8. Elten rifts

    Did they shut them down? Any recent update to their once hourly respawns? I don't seem to find them popping.
  9. Morphing wings

    thanks for the reply. you just possibly saved me a lot of heart ache.
  10. Morphing wings

    does morphing old wings remove skin? I got brilliant gilded feathers on my hyperion wings. I don't want to lose them if I upgrade them to archdeava version.... please help