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  1. send log but different

    hi guys, since last 5 days or so, everytime I open another program when aion is open, I get send log, no matter which program I try to open, discord, another game, etc … send log. is there something going on that I should know? help please!!!! I am used to have like 10 things open at same time now I have to have open already or I get seng log. help pls thanks
  2. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    yes yes, I made the numbers, we win 8 to 10 too, so that makes 40 stigmas, 2000 gp, 300000 ap approx , 80 artifacts of knowledge , 40 Evergale Canyon Purification Material Bundle and last but not least (??) 40 lesser minion contract did i forgot something @Euphoria-DN
  3. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    making a ticket with all the numbers I will post here when I have the exact number of items lost
  4. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    An Asmo friend got the same problem last week and it fixed after maintenance, so the only way is resetting the server, or wait until next Maintenance which makes us lose 4 <Evergale Canyon Purification Material Bundle> per day, so we gonna lose 20 <Evergale Canyon Purification Material Bundle>. So or restart server please or give us 20 <Evergale Canyon Purification Material Bundle> Thanks @Cyan
  5. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    we have at least all 24 in our alliance bugged, non of us could do even 1 Evergale today @Cyan
  6. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    we have the same problem at elyos side, we were waiting to pop and suddenly the window disappeared and we never could apply ever again, non quick entry, non post offer, not even on those auto accept groups... Pls help!!! @Cyan (sorry my grammar, english is not my main language