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  1. Any type of 3rd party Add-ons will result in a ban that may be temporary or permanent. This doesn't include lag, or IP assistance. Anything else that can effect the interface or gameplay itself will get you in trouble.
  2. This still blows my mind. Can cast magic, healing, etc etc. But you wanna watch them suffer? Throw them in a six foot pond. Boom.
  3. As seen multiple times throughout the years, whenever a GM or Employee has to sift through and read all of the posts or flagged content. Could you imagine some poor soul getting stuck in a Discord? I mean, people @ GM's all the time here and some can rather rude or vulgar. The amount of pinging and ringing going off with them being tagged about something they can not currently see or take care due to unforeseen reasons. That would be a hell hole for an actual member of the NC team. You want a main Discord? Make one and share it here with your idea.
  4. World of Warcraft, mostly for Mounts or MOG's. Other than that, D&D. TTRPG when a lot of other MMO's just fall short, I tried the FF but it just wasn't taking hold.
  5. Yeeeeeaahhhh, how bout no. I mean I love the creativity and the thought but no thanks. Besides NA has nothing to do with creating weapons or anything for the game. If you're serious over this, you need to contact the Mother Ship for even bringing this up. And I highly doubt it's as simple as you hope it be.
  7. I am unsure exactly why you feel the need to assume Third Party programs are necessary to level. The exploits players use are for their own gain. Leveling is quite simple once you know what you can do a day. To see that XP bar move but this thread wasn't for this. I'll give you a simple list of what you can do and watch that bar climb. Here's what I do. DAILY. 1: Two Fissures. 2: Luna Daily. 3: I also do my UA weeklies. The rest is me afkin' and doing PUG runs or Legion runs to whatever instance. The three above (Including Cruci Spire if you choose to run it.) Is more than eno
  8. WTFast has had it share of issues and can randomly spike out of nowhere causing a bad effect in an instance. I'd recommend Free trials before purchasing one if you're able. I get bad lag spikes frequently from WTFast during some days and some days, I'm steady. Just try the trials if the rest have them then try a WTFast trial and see what suits you better.
  9. This is AION, no one sleeps. You people are crazy, Sleeping is a Myth in this place.
  10. As much as I would enjoy information on a nice XP buff. Going after them in such a way is truly uncalled for bud. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE, NOT A GIFT.
  11. My personal best. My Senpai broke 12k and keeps going higher and higher. 11,2k was my best so far. SO
  12. Well that's just annoyingly Peachy. I usually never tend to worry of hackers. But this is Nyuckery. Only one hacker I know of really ripped me during a KBF, that I truly KNOW of. But other than that I just don't hack-usate. The way I see it, cutting down ways of showing things without a valid way to do so (cancel animation, aka weaving) means there is a problem and they have the REAL reason to hide their buffoonery. But eh, it's 2017 and I still enjoy the game. Hackers or not, I will continue to enjoy this until it truly does, "DIE".
  13. This is a thing? Since when can this happen, not seen this that I know of.
  14. Didn't the last Party give like 200 or 300? I forget. I would enjoy 300+ but like Cheesecake said 1000, we can dream all day but I doubt that.
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