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  1. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    hey @Kubei-DN just to clarify, we should keep the luna reward pouches untouched right? do not open them until 6.x drops yeah?
  2. Kromede's Revenge - Client Crash ?

    thanks guys! so far no client crash happening. <3 looks like your suggestions worked !
  3. Kromede's Revenge - Client Crash ?

    thanks ima try this it really sucks when other people also suffers because of me getting dc'ed >.<
  4. Hi guys, am I the only one experiencing sudden crash while inside Smoldering Fire Temple? I dunno, but it happens randomly.
  5. Truth about 6.0

    somehow i really feel that Aion 6.x will be give our Aion a second wind. I also do not feel that NC is not stupid enough to make this game pay2win. thou i have yet to get the feel when 6.x arrives. but until then im not jumping into the "6.x sucks bandwagon - spearheaded by noneother than.. opsss hahaha. xyz!
  6. EU is saying goodbye to 5.8. Welcomes 6.0

    you know what i cant believe? that for the longest time you have been saying that you would want to leave and you are still here. hope this time its real bye
  7. https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/events/Goodbye_Event/ I envy that they already have the info. but I feel that NA will drop the bomb on Atreia's BDAY! ^____^ im just so hyped up. despite of all the negative stuff surrounding this game, at the end of the day I still like it. Im breathing aether.
  8. Aion September Preview

    they just did! with 50x manastones +4 hahaha.
  9. Aion September Preview

    oppss. what i meant with modify was, in our current event rewards, remove all the items that will become obsolete when 6.xx comes. (not asking to "add" new items from 6.xx) (oh and when i say remove - I just want them to not include it in the rewards list)
  10. Aion September Preview

    Fine... Nothing we can do about the 6.blahlblah patch that only God knows when it will be dropped! BUT PLEASE! atleast MODIFY THE EVENT REWARDS and trim all items that will be removed when 6.xx comes. geez.
  11. september preview?

    let me do it... september 19 = Patch 6.2 . nahh dont mind me.. just day dreaming. lol
  12. The Alchemy Event Instances and Rewards List

    can we just have this. RNGing thru that list will prpbably always give me plucars. haha
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 29, 2018

    thanks kumuki. i like you but i think i wont be missing you anytime soon. been doing this day in day out with 4 alts simultaneously with daily taki's mission and weekly! my fingers sore, left hand pretty much dead. lol. but it is so worth it. im ready for essence cores exchange! aye aye!
  14. why do i get a feeling that your primary goal here is to influence people into believing that the game sucks and that they too also need to leave. sorry but you are a sad person full of negativity. if you want to go. just GO already.
  15. is EU,Taiwan,JP,CN already in 6.x something? i asked this because i saw vashiro streaming and it looked like their grouping/party system is different than ours, but never asked him what version they are at. I always thought that EU would get the last past due to it is handled by gameforge. hmmm..