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  1. the community has been very vocal about whats not right with the game, and NA did little to nothing to ease the community. still peeking everynow and then via forums to see how the game is going. what could be worst than the feeling of being unheard/ignored borderline abandoned by the company running the game you love? none. So i just walk away.
  2. its love and hate relationship for me with Aion, this is also my game for the longest time. i leave when when it gets really frustrating and then i see myself coming back.. like right now, i left @ 6.0 because i love looking at my character and then suddenly i cant - you have to pay extra to see the glory of what you have become. as i am browsing thru topics and discussions, it is now in shambles . its sad looks like this calls for an extended leave lol. for me its better to take a short leave from the game than to muscle through the frustrations of not being heard and left feeli
  3. Amazing that KR aion is doing well. oh well... I wish we all are playing on that server with the same ping... lol. https://imgur.com/a/vrMEhZh
  4. GM should not restrict bots too much you can ban them a few hours for hotspot grinding or ban them entirely if bot boss the rest bot grinding for levels should be allowed then the game will live many taiwan games allow bot leveling so population always there and only restrict at boss zones, goodies drop zones even, they open for certain maps and channels for bots taiwan servers are getting opened for bot concepts this is to attract gamers to play longer new maple story is the first game to run this concept this game agent proved the success concept there are more g
  5. i support this post. i also want other class option that can be considered as a healer/group healer aside from cleric. we should have atleast another class like that, closest is the SW but it lacks heal/group heals even if you pump up manastones etc. and No. I dont want SWs to replace cleric - because that is not happening. i just want a viable option that can be considered as a full ass healer for a group - aside from cleric. no mention of any class being useless because of this "dream overhaul" for SW.
  6. @Cyanis there no compensation for the daily material box via luna? it has been out for like 2 weeks. and additional mats are really important for new toons / new players.
  7. well well well.. i too actaully wrote my goodbye letter to aion. will wait for tom patch notes and decide from there.
  8. exactly! they said moving and attacking feels like eternity. everything is in slow motion. SMH on what aion has become.
  9. ok so i leveled a new toon and found out that there are no quests that gives out a title with +movespeed? like.. really? this will immediately put new players at a disadvantage! and to top that they too will have no perma mount. (well they can via crafting - but that means they will have to play every single day and if they missed one or gambled and failed to craft... its going to be another long wait..) i thought this patch was ok for new comers as the leveling was easy but i was wrong (leveling was not all that). quality of life for newcomers makes them want to quit. just like what happened
  10. @Hallo-DNohh okay.. so skins in there are still the same. i was just wondering if somehow they switched it up a bit thanks! (maybe added some old skins in the mix - tahabataha @__@ hahah)
  11. I made a new toon as i wanted to see all available skins each instance would give. unfortuantely i overleveled and missed BT (why the efff is BT not included in the quest line?!) and to top that... all instances now are so freakin easy except BT?! im having problems soloing it. i am particularly interested with the cloth and plate set. if anyone can reply with a picture? thanks much!
  12. give me your username and passowrd and email. i will not let you login for 30 days solid. kidding. i feel you. sometimes i also ragequit but something in me wont let me uninstall the game. try to look for a casual game that can burn your time
  13. well I am still enjoying the game. If you are into PVP and sieges and camps... I suggest you comeback and try the game. you will enjoy it. Now... I am not sure why people who say that the game is garbage are still be here ?... REALLY.. game is garbage and you are still here?!
  14. people complaining this new class is the replica from some other game.. ... well surprise! this is weird but im liking it.
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