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  1. nice new paint squirt class

    people complaining this new class is the replica from some other game.. ... well surprise! this is weird but im liking it.
  2. Anyone knows where to find this item? https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/165070001 purpose is to at least maximize the number of [Fighting Spirit Fragment] when extracting a Genesis PVP Item. Thanks!
  3. invisible skin -

    thanks for the response y'all . @MetaBlack-KT well i also have the pants, and was hoping to go all invisible except the head. how effn cool is that? just a floating head. lol.
  4. invisible skin -

    hey guys, just wondering do you know any item for (feet gear) that when used as a skin will result to making your feet invisible? ex: cavalry pants - when worn makes your upper legs invisible.
  5. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    the enchantment rate is horrendous. it is absolute hell. very provoking and makes you want to rage quit. used up all my stones roughly around 200+ and im at still +10.
  6. Hey guys I just bought a daevanion skill book from the sand shop.. and it gave me the one that I already have... did I just waste my 200 gold ingots? hahaha im dying.
  7. Genesis Crystal - what quests gives this?

    thank you so much!! this really means a lot. my mind is playing tricks on me thinking that they can only be obtained via siege and my availability wont allow me. i thought i was doomed. good thing i asked! thanks bunch
  8. Do we have a list of quests/repeatable quests that rewards you with Genesis Crystals? Im so lost.
  9. Will mounts be deleted in 6.2?

    hmmmm. how come i never saw NA as greedy? so far nothing has been forced down my throat (in terms of cash grabbing)
  10. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    YOU ARE FILTHY RICH! man! i bet that is only in your main toon.
  11. i dunno about you guys but i think im cool with the exchange! - kind of confused with the account warehouse part... so,.. are we still retaining the account warehouse?!!!!! i HOPE SO http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/first-look/awakened-legacy-economy-changes.php
  12. uhh hello? nerfed event

    came to forums to see if the event was nerfed because i am feeling it badddd.. to all my alt toons. 1-none boxes from linkgate. T_T
  13. currently im only wearing full boundless +15, when 6.x comes ( i know boundless is not eligible for exchange ) will I be stripped naked? what will happen to any armor or acc that im wearing that is not eligible for the exchange? thank you.
  14. How do YOU pronounce Hime?

    i always thought that it was japanese. im saying it as "he" (a he/she) and "me" (as me-in melody but pronounced quickly and a quick stop after saying 'e')
  15. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    hey @Kubei-DN just to clarify, we should keep the luna reward pouches untouched right? do not open them until 6.x drops yeah?