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  1. Who's doing the music in 6.0?

    Hoping for more InRo Joo, much more. Anyone know?
  2. How to fix Battle Grounds

    It seems easy enough to get kicked automatically from Panda if you're AFK for too long - even if you have your shop up. Shorten that time, and you have automatic kick from Evergale. Yes, that would result in toons still AFK, now mindlessly jumping, but if there is some way to determine whether or not a toon actually moves so many meters in one direction or another - that could be the answer. If not, for say, 3 minutes, then auto-kick. I really am appalled at the numbers of afkers in Evergale - it is such a shitty thing to do to your faction. It is no exaggeration to say that full alliances are afk on a regular basis in Evergale. I have never, ever kicked anyone who wasn't afk whether I liked them or not - and I have never been kicked from an alliance - but I'm sure it happens. There has to be some automated solution that will not (1.) inundate support with tickets or (2.) continue to turn ordinarily pleasant gamers into cursing, raging lunatics. ahem.
  3. I guess I'm gonna miss siege. I clicked on the update-after-maintenance button and it's re-loading version 168. Anyone else have this problem? Ugh, it says I have 4 hours to go. Gee I wish someone would read this right now and let me know if there's something else I should have done. Sigh.
  4. Evergale A++ but burns ap.

    Evergale is loads of fun; PvP on a manageable scale, a map easy to negotiate, objectives clear, uncomplicated and well-defined. The only downside is that quite a few of us burn through way more augment than we gain from a win. In fact, Evergale rewards players with a tenth of the AP earned in EB, a purely PvE instance. It costs me 500K AP on a fairly regular basis to keep my gear augmented - and the paltry 3K AP from an Evergale win keeps us in the red. I will probably continue to dash into Evergale and demolish my augment, but I have temp friends who feel they need to hold back when their augments take so much damage. That being said, it's a great instance that doesn't feel like an instance and I'm hoping the rewards will eventually be commensurate with the amount of PvP one actually does.
  5. Server Merge Names?

    I can't remember what I selected, but I found all of the choices inadequate. Why were the choices defunct maps or Dragon Lords?? What happened to naming servers after Empyrean Lords? Triniel, for instance? Or Yustiel?