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  1. [Forum meta] Allow edits after 5 minutes.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me now. Thanks!
  2. In combat, it's really easy to target dead enemies while trying to target another. This leads to really difficult combat because you lose a lot of health during this time. If hitboxes were scaled down, on the Z axis, it would be much easier to target enemies or loot (if that's what you're after) as if you're looting, you're probably not fighting anymore.
  3. Editing is a great way to acknowledge other users, fix errors, and let new viewers get up-to-date about the current state of discussion. That being said, I feel we should be able to edit in the forums after five minutes! Not very much else to say here.
  4. Pause Luna instances when player disconnects

    Reposting the SMF paragraph, because I'm not allowed to edit anymore (Also the total for CU saving is 13 bytes) For SMF, save the list enemy clusters cleared, current timer, score, boss HP (which would be 100% if not encountered yet) (also for all four bosses) More guessing! Clusters - int8 - (1 bit refers to a cluster, 0 if existing, 1 if cleared) The cannons/gate could also be considered a cluster if you're going for concise data storage, but I feel it could be more beneficial to store them with the boss HP, since they do take a while to kill. Also the gate. Current Timer - unsigned short - Seconds remaining Score - long Boss HP (for all four bosses) (or seven/eight) - long This leads to a total of 7 + (16 or 28). I feel like less than 64 bytes is a good price to pay to make it so players can enjoy the safety of knowing their instances aren't lost if they crash, or say, their power goes out. Thanks!
  5. I just lost a fourth run of Contaminated Underpath to a crash. This is a huge issue because it means that I can't get S rank, and when I reconnect, I get 0 points (Likely because it takes me 1-2 minutes to load), so I don't even qualify to have finished the event. (Class F) However, if the game had saved my progress, it still would have been possible for me to have come back and finished the defense with an S rank. It also shouldn't be too hard to implement- For CU, you could simply save wave#, current timer, score, turret types (which could all fit in 1 byte), barrier HP, and the healing platform cooldown. You also reconnect into CU, so that's not an issue. Guessing some data types leads this to be Wave# - unsigned int8 - 1 byte (could be optimized to a nibble, or 4 bits.) Healing Platform Cooldown - unsigned int8 (probably) - 1 byte Turret Types - unsigned int8 - (2 bits per turret, e.g. 0 = empty, 1 = single shot, 2 = area antiair, 3 = regular) Current timer - unsigned short - 2 byte (Would be seconds remaining) Score - long - 4 byte Barrier HP - unsigned long (probably) - 4 byte For SMF, save the list enemy clusters cleared, current timer, score, boss HP (which would be 100% if not encountered yet) Editing this because i prematurely posted lol
  6. Jumping into these boxes nearly always gets you stuck.
  7. Flight and Falling in General

    I came out of a windstream in Inggison and fell to get to the ground faster. I suffered instant fatal damage in midair (Which wasn't large enough to be an enemy's attack) and died, to be sent back to my bind point in Sanctum. I believe that I triggered some sort of condition (which I believe to have been falling too long) that triggered a fall-damage handler. I feel that this is a pretty bad way to handle falling, because it allows for completely normal falls to be fatal, and gliding to be the only way down albeit that it's a slow descent. It's pretty useful to fall large distances quickly in some areas, such as Taloc's Forest, which seems to work completely normally, although places like Undirborg (where I died) seem to have killplanes. I'd also like to see more places that we can fly! Flying is pretty cool, and it's pretty disappointing to see most of Elyos is fly-restricted. I can see why, though- it does allow to skip most encounters, although that's already possible with good movement and maybe a little bit of Hide. I think more flight places could really open some interesting vistas and new ways to get places faster. Lastly, I'd like to see Flight Time regenerate faster, especially when you're in an area with Aether nodes (which should be noted is almost everywhere you would be flying), because getting aether is pretty demanding on your economy if you want to do it concisely and quickly (Wind Serum potions) and if you run out, or simply have used most of your time, you need to wait for quite some time to be able to take off again. In a PVP sense, this could end up being problematic, though. Maybe leave it to Fast Track servers? I'd like to hear others' replies! It's good to have conversations about suggestions like these to further develop the ideas, as well as get the opinion of someone who's experienced PVP and not someone like me, who hasn't been in the abyss more than two hours