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  1. Crucible tough time :')

    So you mean its just a strategic plan problem and i need to train more?
  2. Crucible tough time :')

    Hello daevas, So iam lvl 72 chanter been moving slowly like a turtle having sex in lvling up since i hit 70,apparently its what 70s are, regardless i run instances and do 70ish stuff, one problem is crucible spire💔i cant get past floor 3,idk where the problem is i just die from too much dmg, so here are my gear if you're wondering what set i use Wep:apollon +8 Armor:full apollon gear +3 Acc 2 rings and 1 necky grey wolf, rest are apollon, i dont use pure plume nor a harvester wing Got 108 essence points distributed on power&perc and rest in arch skills, and if you are wondering how many hp i got its 15k un buffed (or less), pretty much thats all info i'd love to know if the prblm is only low hp and how to over come Thank you for listening ^^
  3. Chanter pve essence points and skills

    If i go sup chanter would i still be good in solo pve or would i struggle coz my gear is not enchanted at all however its a full apollon set but still i cant do crucible and now iam level 71,also i want to know the minimal gear or if there is a specific strategy to solo crucible/trials of eternity. Thank you again all for your help
  4. So im a lvl 71 chanter focusing to improve pve right now, what about the essence points where should i add them to obtain effective pve attack/defense, the skills also should they be defensive or offensive?
  5. Armsfusion Inquiry

    First of all thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it you've been a great help to me and every one! now about armfusion do you recommend me do it for my apollon staff which is merely +1 i mean if i combine apollon+apollon as you mentioned above would it make any difference or do i just wait when i get harvester? if it would adds to anything i'll do it i haven't much to lose any way no augment or so.
  6. Armsfusion Inquiry

    Is there an introduction to armfusion, augmenting with full explanation bec i do wanna know what are those terms and i searched for guides on forums but cant seem to find, so if someone can help i'd be grateful
  7. Luna workshop

    Thank you all for your replies im just trying to collect kinah from every possible method, also i heared that if you do norsvold dailies all on the map you get around 30mil but therer are group and pvp quests how am i supposed to solo them
  8. Luna workshop

    Is there any value for items that you craft in the luna? I've crafted 2 items mostly a shugo decorations for housing and a suit that is customizable but no one seems to care lol, so rather than just wasting mats on them is there better profitable way to use these items?
  9. "Ice Hot" Event, please!!!!

    may be nc knew that ppl arent interested in it anymore plus that most people don't even know what this is lol
  10. Enchantment Stones??Omegas??

    Thank you for your help <3,is that your in game name? i'd like to contact you inside Mine is as it is
  11. Enchantment Stones??Omegas??

    so you are saying that enchantmnt stones are useless then? and whats the point of creating more toons if the omegas are untradable? i mean can i transfer them via account warehouse?
  12. Enchantment Stones??Omegas??

    I want to know if i can enchant valuable gear with normal enchantment stones or the shinning ones,i know that omegas has a success rate of 100% but they require just kinah to obtain or pure luck at luna events,so i wonder if the enchantment stones would work with the archdaeva gear or not,also if there is a "scheme" for +15 i actually dont know if it mainly depends on omegas or there are cheaper alternatives,any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  13. Economical catastrophe

    Tbh i didnt know that Luna at A or S gives an omega and i didnt consider doing the quests that says weekly coz they usually says group and requires a boss to kill and they give like 2 or 3 wolfmarks but still it adds up also level reductions i havent notice that they come from norsvold dailies if u know the names or the npcs of these quest i'd be grateful if u told me.i need to know more about this cleric gear or else that can give 20k+ hp coz now im stuck with a mere 13k and 14k with buffs and this is low doesnt help at all. Thanks
  14. Economical catastrophe

    First of all thank you so much for your replies im so gratefull, See iam level 70 chanter i have mostly apollon's set it does not give me that much hp and it's not enchanted coz i have no omegas as i mentioned, im focusing on norsvold dailies rn to level up but i mostly skip the greywolf quests but i'll start doing them as you mentioned.i dont know if u can give me some tips on gearing to ease my pve but as a chanter whats besides apollon gear can help,iv only choosing apollon just because it advances to harvester but this requires full+15 set which is kinda impossible in my state so what else i can gear coz i cant go above floor 2 in crucible.Also if i can contact you ingame i'd be grateful. Thanks again
  15. Economical catastrophe

    Hello folks, Iam a return back player from years of no aion and somethings have pretty much changed which is awesome, how ever it remains the one and only problem is "kinah" whenever i encounter that i need kinah i just feel lost not sure what to exactly do,and when i have like 100kk they just gone in a blink,so i need you to tell me how i can depend on a reliable source of kinah so i can advance to my harvester,another thing is grey wolf marks and spinel coins where do they come from? Thanks in advance ❤