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  1. Thank you very much for that information, I found it very useful. I'll try my best to follow it, and obviously create my own style. As for the steep learning curve, I don't mind that. It makes it that much more enjoyable once I finally figure out what to do and execute my skills correctly. Much <3.
  2. Hello fellow Aion players, I'm quite new to the game and I was just trying to get a better understanding as to what to aim towards. Regardless of it possibly being based off of preference. I'll read all the comments. I'm playing a Templar, and I'm really enjoying it. My questions I hope are simple. Which stats should be my focus, should I use Sword/Shield, or Mace/Shield, and if either or, do I still want to carry a Greatsword around with me so I can swap out to possibly put out more damage? Sorry for such newbie questions, but I just want to get an idea. Much <3 ahead of time for
  3. Just found this in the General Discussion - New to forums, but here you go and for anyone else that may click here. It was unscheduled server maintenance.
  4. I was just about to post something if I didn't find a thread, with the similar subject. I just tried logging in, and as it goes to load it just tells me that I've been disconnected and then it pretty much closes. I can only assume server's down.
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