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  1. Siege problem/Complaints

    there needs to be more than 3 ppl with the ability to talk in commander chat to be able to lead sieges. No one rallies unless one the 3 gov/commander calls the siege. This based on their time schedule and no one else's. The point system needs to change so these other people are not handed their position. GP should only be gotten during sieges and no where else. This makes it fair the more you participate should earn you those titles. Not running Instance dungeon zone to gain GP to maintain a rank/title. Today example: Some people wanted to siege Gov/commander did not because of a Buff that asmo was given. Because of this Buff where if there where more people who could talk or use commander chat we might of have got a fort today. People are more often to follow gov/commander into siege than some guy doing lfg to try and take fort together. My dad wants me to add this to this: He said he hears that in 6.0 or 6.2 its all about pvp mainly the end game is about pvp so why do you keep handing people pve gear when there is so many quest to earn pve gear and no pvp gear quest. You expect people to come play aion for month on in being ganged feast by over power pvp players, why we half go broke buying pvp gear or get ganged for month gaining scrap ap/coins to get pvp gear. My dad said hand him a set pvp gear and let him quest his shit, he said he rather go out and get his own pve gear instead of it being handed to him than to be handed pve set and not pvp set when he is trying to get pve quest done. People who are not use to pvp and only pve do not take well when they are killed by high power people or having to be killled 1000 times over till they can get gear to pvp. Change this system here and you will have more pve players enjoy pvp rather than leave Aion after few weeks or once they hit the pve zone that stops. You need to atleast hand them a pvp set gear so that can defend their self while they are out questing.