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  1. Where to get lvl 50 stigma?

    Same. I did all yellow and blue mission in Ingssison that i saw but i just get stigma lv45 and 55. I do all LUT instance quest also. Can anyone please help on which quest can get it or who provide the quest.
  2. Silentera Canyon entrance bug

    I can not enter the Silentera Canyon from Ingission. It says "need to level 56 and above" but I really level 80.
  3. Questions about incoming 6.x

    Should i save kinah like him before it becomes untraceable?
  4. 6.0 info

    Same. I have read but don't see any post talk about rate convert from kinah 5.8 to kinah 6.x Which first pages talk about this @Pandastein-DN let quote for me. However i see under this FB post they talk kinah got limited or reseted. Is this mean this guy got 80b in 5.8 will get 0 kinah after update 6.0?