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  1. What kind of nyerk is this...... Lmao. .... Nice to know that we all gonna die anyway and it's all pointless. Even after "uniting" part which is the only thing I like in this sentence. I like this theme of half-blood asmo-ely guy uniting all the races, creating some sort of united alliance and so on (since whew, this is a Common sense and always have been) but really? "All the Empyreans and most of daevas were annihilated" Big fat yawn.
  2. What a nice topic you have here. While I dropped the game for now (waiting for more positive changes to transformation system and so on), the music from aion will stay in my playlist forever I'm sure, even many years after. I actually have a youtube playlist with best Aion OST in my opinion: You're free to make suggestions on what else I should include here. My personal favorites (besides the Sillus Mountains one you already included): ^ Especially the part that starts on 6:14 ^ (All Origa tracks are so magnificent tbh)
  3. Okay but shard and transparent scroll changes... And here I am who was hoping for something good. 1) The amount of shards is too small for this price 2) Same with scrolls, 10 scrolls per week? really? Why give a limit on something like this on the first place...
  4. IMO it was a big mistake to give out people the ultimate gear. They should have stopped with legendary. Expected that kind of bs ever since I saw the exchange rate sheet
  5. I second this. With removal of those things in Luna it's not clear where (new) players are supposed to get the permanent mounts etc... And it would be nice to get all those skin recipes back somehow, somewhere. The situation with many things is so weird, from the transformation system to everything else that got removed/altered that I'm hesitating to invite my friends I met in other games to play, bc I'm afraid they gonna get discouraged & confused seeing all this
  6. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2018/11/08/0200000000AEN20181108005200320.html SEOUL, Nov. 8 (Yonhap) -- South Korean online gamemaker NCSOFT Corp. on Thursday unveiled five new massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) for the mobile platform. [.....] NCSOFT also unveiled a sequel to its mega-hit game "Aion," which features an adventure into the world over 900 years ago with dungeons and epic battles. deep freaking sigh. I was about to get excited.
  7. Did yall forget about this? *prays for it to be a PC game*
  8. Y'all are too harsh to Cyan. You probably haven't seen the real sh*t CMs and the games getting killed by localizators
  9. Still no transparent scrolls and shards in gold sand traders...........
  10. Yeah, I'm aware. It's just that original greetings sound better in my opinion
  11. It's an official Blade & Soul OST - Where The Wind Sleeps. It's playing in the game during the story quest and as you see NCsoft decided to make an (additional) story music video featuring it. I'm actually in love with this OST and the vid too.
  12. Probably because Rasberg is his original name and they forgot to change it to what they "localized" it with. And a lot of story/locations/etc npc's names are changed in NA somehow.... For example Weda became Viola. There's many examples of that. And for the most part original names are better. Interdika (or Interdica, idk) became Heiron, Elysium became Sanctrum, and so on... Also they "localized" the race's greetings. Rasephiel - Arielluma Eerau (? idk how to write it correctly) - Asphelumbra Salla Tuess - Reian greeting that they didnt imply at all
  13. Just run CoE as 3, there's always someone recruiting... You won't lose anything since everyone's getting the same rewards, so no need to solo for now unless you're aiming for shugo (but that can be done later). If you're on Elyos side, I can help you after wednesday's reset (out of runs atm). No one's checking gear for CoE since it's a really scrub dungeon. After getting most parts of CoE/Mirash, you can start working on PvP sets and expand PvE - move on to FM/BoS
  14. The chances after +5 are cancerours atm. But again it's gonna be better in 6.5, more fair. The thing is you don't need more than that to farm everything besides primeth and new manorn(?). Full CoE gear, with tuned stats for your class, is more than enough for instances like BoS and FM - no one will ask you for full legendary. And as I said, with BoS/FM gear you can do primeth later on. I have all my ancient pieces on +5-+7. Didnt try to go further yet. A have a couple of legendary zenith +10 pieces from exchange though and few purple drops from FM on both of my mains that I managed to get
  15. Because that's how it works. There's 2 ways to get PVP gear: genesis crystal (main) and craft (secondary). Crystal: works like a linear progression. You get the gold set, enchant it all the way to +15, collect the items from purchasing more genesis gear and breaking it, then purify to legendary. Rinse and repeat. In my opinion, it's kind of hard to enchant the gear to +15 atm so I would wait for 6.5. Though it's possible to do so with ancient. Craft: based on crit-craft system. You craft the needed item until you get Masterwork critical piece, and then use it for crafting
  16. 65% is too high. But 10-15% would do. Even so, not sure if it's needed - keep in mind that boots give speed stats too, starting from CoE gear NCWest can't change the way transformation system work; however, they indeed can add accessible transparent scroll to npc/gold sand/whatever. It can't cost 1 kinah tho, since you still consume them as the usual ones and that should cost some money.... Imagine someone spamming Kaisinel with those 1 kinah scrolls. Toggle appearance function would make it less complicated tho, but idk if it's something that can be done by NCwest t
  17. Ikr. I got excited when I saw video of Elyos changes and anticipated to see the revamped Beluslan too (also simply bc I always liked it better than Heiron.... I'm @ elyos atm but I also played on asmo side long enough before) Would be nice if they make full retexture in the future and yeah, that place looks dope indeed.
  18. I agree, It's so beautiful. I hated the "undead" place and now it looks interesting af. I'd love to see the Beluslan getting full revamp too, afaik it's just one camp that got retextured, kinda unfair
  19. I already wrote it in another thread of mine but: - Why would they remove NPC who sell ..... dyes? Like those basic ones? I was going to try coloring my armor but I couldn't find anything. This is retarded. - NPC who sells additional emotion skills, ninja/hovering motions also got removed...? Or am I mistaking something?. Anyways if it's true this is another baseless rip off that came with 6.2 lol
  20. p.s. Even NPCs who sold basic dyes are removed....... For what? Yet they left the one who sells dyes for hair and skin...
  21. I agree. The mats we need for crafting basic things is too high.
  22. I agree that it's a nice change, but it would be better if old luna stayed too or moved somewhere else
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