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  1. It is amazing how hated leather classes are. Honestly everyone that rolls sin/ranger are not sweaty kids sitting in the basement. Rangers shouldn't even be in this category of stealth because their stealth can be countered by Seed of Detection. Generally speaking Rangers are not just walking around in stealth and if you are paying attention to chat radar/map you can pop your lil Happy seed and their goes your Ranger. Assassin as a class is punished so hard for making a misplay with a defensive CD. You FE/AT to soon you get CC'ed to death. You pop them too late you get blown up. This dying to a
  2. Think this would be helpful to many if we get an answer...:-)
  3. @The Secret Cow Level Hey do you or anyone else have data on how off-hand weapon and off-hand weapon enchantment level affect skill and auto attack damage. I am trying to decide how worth it is to enchant your off hand weapon as an assassin. Thank you
  4. Actually for the purpose of helping level alts or help players closing in on the finish line to 50 this is not a bad idea Either way the event in starter area was a step in the right direction...I like the player engagement.
  5. Fairly certain you will lose a very large majority of those that buy the pass if you remove those items. What is the incentive to buy the pass at that point. They would be better off just allowing you to buy the Cosmetics as stand alone items with a monthly rotation.
  6. @KibbelzI sincerely believe that the attempt to add skins to please people's request was earnest (Thank you!). However, I believe adding the skins into the shop separately for people to buy at their leisure and carbon coping the KR passes would net you a over all happier community. Collecting skins is on a per person basis. Consider this if you think the skin at the end is ugly...imagine grinding to the end of the Pass for something you don't like or wont use. AP on the other hand is useful to all as well as Enchantment stones. For the arguments that would say adding a crown or two more to th
  7. I would like to second the request to mimic the KR Deava Pass. I played retail as well and it seems our region always gets nerfed events and now a nerfed Deava Pass seems unreasonable. I honestly believe a simple change like that would improve the sales of the pass. Making consumables like the scrolls and admin boons account tradeable would be amazing.
  8. You are not doing bad for yourself given your limited time...but yes it has become dry to say the least...given I play a lot but still.
  9. We will see. I am not prophesizing the end of the game. I am sure there will be quite a bit more life in the game. Just want healthy servers
  10. I am not trying to be a doomsayer because I believe that is not progressive. I want the game to succeed because I am quite emotionally invested in the game. I just feel we are approaching key potential turning points in the game if we push too far past these key turning points we may have a very hard time recovering.
  11. New World is also a temporary/permanent alternative. Again I want to reiterate I am definitely not trying to take away from your points because they are accurate it just bothers the logical side of my brain that things are imploding like this.
  12. I am not arguing the difficulty of patching bro (Come on I went to school for IT). We have both played this for over a decade and seen so many ways things can go wrong. I am also aware that there are staffing issues. However, consider that they are rolling out multiple events that are a flop which takes time and man power, which is an asset not readily available, on things that are not helping the player base. I am not generally some one on the forums complaining about my in game woes but this is significant and should take priority over these events and at this point leave the AP Traders. The
  13. This would be a dream and is a good idea. Given the difficulty they are having with events/patches involving players in the process could help.
  14. Just because people grin and bear it does not mean that they are not frustrated. Why would I go to /3 and start a dialogue complaining. I am sure more private conversations in discord servers and the like are more representative of the common opinion of the player base. Also, take the time to look at dwindling friends lists and you get again a more accurate picture of player satisfaction. Last;y, those that are truly fed up don't talk they just leave so yes LFG wont so it as obviously they are no longer actually logging into the game.
  15. @KissYB-KT I am quite positive it is a common practice when patching to back up files in case the patch is not accepted or files become corrupt. They could use that backed up version of the game on a test system to continue their investigation without delaying the release of the patch. JS
  16. Truly these events are a sad substitute to content. I am not trying to be negative but you have to be honest. The buff doesn't even work and this new one is going to only benefit a isolated few that can play your little hide and go seek game. Going to need a little more than a band-aid and Neosporin.
  17. I mean it is actually painful to try to comprehend how it is a decision made to release a event which is honestly unwarranted in lieu of releasing 1.5. Like short of a small catastrophe just on the strength of the cries of the community and timeline for release of 1.5 should have be heavily over hauled and any secondary tasks like these lack luster events could have been put on pause or scrapped all together. Essentially what was done was attempt to give a band aid to the steadily depreciating player base and worse over it was mishandled and didn't work. Now we get yet another band aid event
  18. I have been a supporter of this game for years. Through deployment, relationships, and life and general. I get that things happen and that delays happen but the lack of transparency is appalling. I loved being able to stream this game on release and actively shoo'ed away the nay sayers and overly negative viewers. I am running out of words of support. I can not provide any words of support as I have been given every reason to detest your game/practices in these past few months. Now It has not all been negative and it is that blind faith (that is waning) that has me holding out. As @Sloppytoppy
  19. Thank you all...good to know
  20. No I have not but I am sure that would work...however I wonder if that is against ToS??
  21. I mean only thing I would suggest them doing if putting AP guards in Belusan and Heiron...it would diversify the areas to PvP. Ultimately the guards are meant to be a point of contest. However, with flight PvP being less than optimal I'd personally like to see more ground based PvP. This would force rifting for grinding as a alternative depending on how implemented could be quite interesting. Either way unless you are on IS (Which I have no intimate knowledge of) I have to disagree with the no PvP argument. Regularly I find PvP and often it turns to group vs group/ alliance vs alliance.
  22. Can you Dual Client one Retail account and one Classic account at the same time? I get an error message but I won't rule out user error.
  23. For the PvE set yes they are different but the PvP set they have the same name. I looked up videos and it seemed to work in the past but maybe those were later patches I am not sure
  24. So i have watched a few videos about weapon swap/Accessory swap macros. There is the mention of /left and /UseLeft commands but neither are working for me in game. How can you macro left/right weapons and accessories?? Thank you
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