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  1. Assassin issues

    @cockroach-DN Not asking them to fix it is overly obvious that it is not gonna get "fixed" I'm just using the forums as a means to communicate my frustration. Thanks for your opinion man. I know it is not new. I also know it is not an issue exclusive to the assassin class it is only made more annoying due to the assassin's naturally short range. As for !aion I played it to test skills and armor etc it just felt good to see myself land a proper ambush. How do you "adapt" to these issues? This is not a crying post maybe there is a mechanic I am not aware of that can help others. Teach us Senpai!!
  2. It is not healthy to wait 5 hours for...

    My inventory full of Ultimate Kibrium says that the game is working as "intended"
  3. Event Items

    @Nabi-DN You shut your mouth and complain with the rest of us LOL
  4. Assassin issues

    So you think it is intended that the ambush leaves your character 5+ meters from any moving target. That to you is acceptable gameplay? You have a 1m attack range...and due to latency on the game server even when it appears on your end to be that you are in range the server does not register you in range and so you can not execute the attack. I didnt just pick up sin yesterday and make this post. There is many of times I have leapt on or away from a target and found myself well beyond the "intended" acceptable range. I do not play consistently on any private server so the dynamics of these servers aren't my forte but I do know that ambushing someone and being 8m meters away is not right. Or did you not watch the video? This was replicated consistently on a moving target. Before you jump in and suggest latency on my end my ping is 40-50ish and I was dueling someone with less ping than me. My computer is by far not a potatoe soooooo one is left to believe the error does not lie on my end.
  5. Assassin issues

    No need for fancy word just watch these comparison videos......Keep in mind ambush is supposed to put you behind target at 1m range. Also remember you have 3 sec of crits after skill so imagine ambushing and being 6m from target and have to run to them wasting half the duration or more! This is Retail server ambush: https://clips.twitch.tv/InspiringInspiringSquidDancingBanana Private Server: https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidShortLouseTinyFace
  6. P2W much?

    @Cyan You the man bro
  7. P2W much?

    I am quite disturbed by the lack of information given to the community about this issue. I have friends on EK I could be playing with now if you could just get compensation gear there. This oversight and poor communication is a prime example of why veteran players like myself debate leaving to play a game that has more support. We understand the limitations you all have in augmenting elements within the game but come on how long does it take to look into the history and follow the trail to find out how this weapon would up in this players inventory. I'm not on this server but I have friends that play it (this community is small and everyone knows everyone). We love this game and have invested our time and money into this and we deserve answers when these anomalies happen. @Cyan We dont blame you for the issue but if we go much longer without answers we CAN blame you for not being prompt with a response. This is not a little issue and if one person can exploit it what's to stop even more. Answers please!!!
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 7, 2018

    But you all are so cuddly
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 7, 2018

    There are Elyo needing dying right now...Let me destroy them.