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  1. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    I'll forever be a presence possibly only a whisper in your ear but I'll be here.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 8, 2020

    Sad thing is there is a community however dwindled it may be that are openly willing to find this game even in the crap state it is in. I'm past dreaming of a better day for this game my gameplay lately has been on the forums watching the snowball gather size and speed as it rolls down hill
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 8, 2020

    So you telling me that ( @Cyan ) there is a lugbug quest for the event. Since I paid to transfer to KT I have not had a working lugbug. hmmm seems a little messed up to me but I have come to expect significantly less from this team. I guess the lugbug issue will get thrown under the pile with the EC fail fixes. LOLOLOOLOLOL please just nuke this game already!!!
  4. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    @Aieryn-DN I have all but quit Aion...I let my Prestige run out and I hardly log anymore. I dropped I think a few hundredish on the snowball event. I was not elated with the results nor horribly disappointed but the game's support is just depressing. I don't know any MMORPG I have played recently with such horrendous support. I am not pointed a finger at anyone or Witch hunting but as a whole for it to take not weeks but months to implement fixes in a MMORPG is unheard of. The lack of relevant updates and details on pertinent game statuses if disheartening. I have played since the game was released and road the wave from when we got monthly subscription rewards that gave little thank yous to those supporting the game. So many hopes that got crushed. Will I quit entirely...probably never. I won't lie and say something that absolute. I just will truly free to play until I get something if anything that I find worth the money again.
  5. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Hey @Aieryn-DN I hope your move smooths out and you and your daughter start the new year out on a good foot in your new place in Illinois. I have sorta half given up on reasonable timelines or updates. I guess just wing it and try to find somethings to help you hold on lol. I have personally began playing WoW and looking into other alternatives. Sad but I am almost ready to retire from this game. Almost
  6. Follow up on Evergale Fix you all received?!

    @Cyan bump

    @MintyR-DN i am definitely asmo rawrrr

    ......Happy Holidays to you all. I know we give you all crap all the time but at the end of the day you all are human to and not customer service robots. We will never be 100% pleased 100% of the time so I'd rather close my year wishing you all and your family well. Rest up lil ones because next year we go back to being ENEMIES!!! <3
  9. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Damnnnn @Aly-DN called it. @Chibi-DN RIP any comp this year better hope for it sometime before Christmas next year lol. Well Happy Holidays to you all!!
  10. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

  11. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    @Chibi-DN Man a EC compensation Christmas present would be SUPER nice...hmmm @Cyan you all trying to be Santa this year???
  12. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Dammit @Aly-DN Let a man DREAM!!
  13. I hate to be the guy butttttt...

    Wassup with that update on Evergale Canyon... @Cyan
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 11, 2019

    Wait wait our anger is misplaced...all this frustration is from lack of Evergale Canyon. Once it is fixed we will all be happy and can sit around the dinner table, hold hands, and eat happily knowing we are all loved!!!! @Cyan See what you all have done...you made them and angry now our family is destroying itself. SAVE US!!!! ....and @Cheesecake-DN Bro share that big ass bag of popcorn...I can fill up on that!!
  15. Follow up on Evergale Fix you all received?!

    @Ele-DN Jokes on us...7.2 is the fix muhahahaa lol no seriously you are probably right sigh. Real talk @Cyan I came back to the game right after the exploit and with some effort I am nearly full ultimate geared even without the additional instance runs. That's kinda crazy one of the 3 weekly rotational PvP instances (not counting KBF ) has been gone so long, other than the icon that haunts me every few days, i forgot it existed. Not blaming you all necessarily as you have made it known the process of receiving fixes is a long one. However you know as well as I in nearly any other game it would be very taboo to make the community wait this long to fix a core element of the end game PvPvE just saying. Hugs.... no kisses....nope you all don't deserve those right now.... fix my stuff no kappa