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  1. Melee Crush not working?

    I submitted a ticket same day as this post and today I get this message for the second time: I just dont get how they expect to instill confidence in the players when basic things like a redundant skill effect can't be hot fixed mid patch. Are you serious? In what other game is this exceptable? @Cyan
  2. Melee Crush not working?

    @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT So basically it is trying to over right a snare with a snare instead of adding a stun on top of the snare? That would explain the conflict. Thank you for responding and giving an answer before even the GM's to my support ticket. You should get on their pay roll.
  3. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    @Matsukamy-KT Agreed if you want to maximize you will definitely be using 4 weapons (maybe more if you get some extendies lol )
  4. Melee Crush not working?

    yes and multiple mobs says the same thing...it is like the stun is having an issue overriding the movement slow effect or something
  5. Melee Crush not working?

    Bump because I want to know
  6. Melee Crush not working?

    I was testing out the Chanter Melee Crush Daevanion skill and I noticed even when it crit it would not stun as the tool tip says. Then I looked at the log and noticed after every crit it said, "Perpetual Truth conflicted with....." What is this Perpetual truth ??? \
  7. Melee Crush not working?

    I tested the chanter daevanion skill Melee Crush on a dummy for nearly 30 minutes and not once on crit did the skill stun. Is it broken or? What is that "Perpetual Truth"??
  8. Chanter question

    Just curious is any of you tried the daevanion skill melee crush and if so do you know why it does not stun on crit?? I hit the training dummy none stop for like 30 minutes and not one stun?
  9. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    I was not being sarcastic. I relish the constructive comments. My opinion is only that my opinion.
  10. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    Valid points don't know what I was thinking thanks guys my silly me.
  11. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    I am using the +25 sunuyaka in my off-hand for now. also I know that 2 handers the PvP stats dont stack what I AM saying is that in order for me to ge the same PvP attack as lets say a glad from weapons I would need two PvP weapons +15....and if someone says it doesnt stack for 1 hand weapons please actually test it in game first because I am 100% sure that they do in fact stack because I just tested it. Also this was not a post so much to cry but more so maybe to let another player know before they use the resources to plus their weapon which has equivalent PvP attack and defense with the necklace. A better choice would be wings first as you would in the end get more additional PvP attack per enchant. So word to the wise for sins wings > weapon > Necklace etc for most bang for your buck for PvP attack in gear piece. Obviously you have to weigh in variables and consider what your gear enchantment levels are and what not. Nooooo actually they are the exact same as combined. We dont get anything from offhand but the optional stats that are not duplicates with the main hand weapon (with the exception of PvP Att/DEF which do stack)
  12. So I finally got my dagger to +15 and I ask a legionmate (with a 2-handed weapon) what their PvP attack was and it was twice mine. They went on to explain that I only get half because I get the rest from my other weapon. So you are telling me that glads, sorc, chanters, etc just have to enchant one weapon and they get the full PvP Attack figure and the rest of us have to start all over from the ground up on another weapon. Come on. could you just make PvP attack not stack and bam problem solved!!!

    OK bro just wanted to let you know :-)


    The AP acquisition is like the one thing I really have no complaints with. It allows you to promote boots, gloves, shoulder, rings, or waist once a week from legendary to ult. The other pieces incrementally more. That is considering you have the gear to +15 legendary once every week which as mentioned before is far more likely to be your bottle neck. I think as frustrating as it is to farm a week and bust a bunch of stones it could be worse and I see quite a bit more gear promotions to legendary now from ancient. If we win the game in a day what is there left to do??? 6 months in an MMO to full gear is a hell of a turn around to me. Going by that timeline we should be half way there lol!