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  1. GP Quests

    What this guy said ^^^
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    I mean I am honestly curious what is their intention at this point. The message is vague and cryptic and we are here after servers are up with still no resolution. @Cyan can we get an update??
  3. Are there patch notes for this? If so can someone link it for me?
  4. New EU world drop.

    Sigh we are debating something that will not happen for us lol :-D
  5. New EU world drop.

    I already farm because I have nothing else to do but this would make it worth while and as stated before it would definitely increase activity open world AND help give some players struggling to enchant a chance to work hard and catch up based on their own dedication to grind mobs.
  6. Daily and Weekly GP quest

    I have set for nearly 2 hours waiting on any camp to turn balaur and no go. This is clearly designed to be a weekly not a daily. Any word on if the text is wrong or is it is a mistake and will be fixed in the future @Cyan Thank you
  7. minion viola bugged or wut?

    you might need to level it up bro
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    If you all remember the fenris pants quest I believe you have to craft a balaur heart that was near impossible for some but some got it first try others not ever. Eventually they implemented a system that allowed you to recycle the failed hearts into a different craft to help people complete the quest. By then I didnt care about it anymore and moved on to something else. Took time but at least then you felt they heard your cries for help. I don't ask for something for nothing. I put hours daily into the game and money in addition to my prestige pack monthly. I think it is ignorant for people to suggest that since they have something and got it one way that other people should be happy not having because they were either not as lucky or lack the means to whale or no life as hard as others. Events and surveys were a core part of the game even if it was simple things because it sent a message to the community that even if we dont give an immediate fix that they hear us and care. Surveys didnt even always have much in them but it felt good to log in and see a lil something from NCS...just my two cents from supporting this game since launch and still adamant about uplifting this game.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    It would be nice if prestige got PRESTIGE for the event...one extra key a day would mean the difference between making that 1000 mark. A chance to drop a reset scroll in the chest would aid the progression astronomically depending on the drop rate.
  10. Daily and Weekly GP quest

    So I am confused. Is it intended that the wording for the kill quest for GP to say Daily and the camp flipping repeatable to be worded Weekly? The actually reset is the opposite. The kill quest resets weekly and the camp quest resets daily. This doesnt seem right but who am. @Cyan
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    @Cyan Will the coins be tradeable?
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    this made me laugh a little then cry because like it was said before it will probably be close to truth
  13. GP

    @Suh-EK That or @Germ-DN idea to make it a limited quest you do and complete with completion of instance would work as well. Stopping resets is counter productive and as you mention limits players from grouping with multiple groups of friends and more.
  14. Q & A session with the Community

    This post was to get ideas and to further an idea. I dont mind writing up and collaborating ideas but as @Aly-DN said it takes a collective effort and they will not listen to one players cry for change. I care for the health of this game and I consistently query them to allow me to help mediate between them and the community but I get ignored so this is my only way to try to put together thoughts. I have a discord if anyone wants to chat offline and maybe get realistic ideas together and I will email their support staff with these. Lets be honest we hate the way things are but we are attached to the game so let's stop the pretend quitting and be constructive.
  15. @Cyan Even if it's not fixed by Wednesday...

    I said it once and I say it again. The longer it takes to comp the AP the more difficult it will be to try to accurately compensate based on activity. Resets on PvPvE instances, missed AP from siege, no AP from PvE instances (HM), no AP from Open world PvP, nor even the weekly AP in the mail based on rank. A blanket AP comp unless it is very generous will not be fair compensation I didnt realize how much I relied on that AP gain weekly from all these sources til I try to purchase thing on my alts and I hit a AP bottom this week. Now I will miss this weeks reset on Deavanion marks...Sneak Out!