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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki Can we make the LODAS amulets account shareable because I have both the rewards from the pass I purchased on my Cleric and Assassin consolidated on my Level 50 assassin. So I have 6 lodas amulets sitting on a maxed out toon that can't be used for anything...
  2. I'm not one to normally complain but why are all these items "Event" and not placeable on account warehouse. I purchased two bundles one on my cleric one on my Sin and all the items were sent in a BC mail to my Sin that is 50...Would have been lovely to pass the lodas Amulets to a toon that is NOT 50....come on?! @Kibbelz
  3. You have to be kidding me. Is this a troll post or are you being sincere?
  4. Look Look @Kibbelz Kudos for you all trying I think but lets just ignore the tards that don't want the auto hint feature in open world and just give it to us. It isn't even logical at this point not to as there are elements of the game CLEARLY centered around it. I get it you all don't play the game anymore hell most days I don't get why I log in but I do. Timeless Terrace was probably the worst place to implement the auto hunt feature...Just LET US KEEP THE GARDEN INSTANCE.....hmmmm could even nerf the amount of event coins. But imagine us actually having a consistent way to get event coins i
  5. I second this. Boththe Dungeon Delve and the newer Battlefield Coin event encourage players to break their roots from afk/dueling in town and re-visit some of the instances once travelled by Daevas. I'll personally enjoy this IN ADDITION to the much requested 1 kinah retune event. This past few events have allowed players to stack legendaries for future ultimate promotion events, Make meaningful progress in advanced stigmas/daevanians. The double XP/AP weekends give a boost to weekend warriors. These are things we should continue and I am glad a step toward that is being made. @Kibbelz I would
  6. @Sneakygravy-KT Who are you referring to in your comment? Also, I am assuming that is not your mains name. Am I correct?
  7. First Off @Athenas Lest not get off topic we want open details and as @Unbuff-DN reiterated it was a feature on the website years ago and KR still has it. No reason we shouldn't as well. Secondly, I said your comment makes you sound like an idiot not stating explicitly that you that you are a idiot. Am I a little more straight forward with my thoughts yes. Do I care that you were offended...slightly so I will apologize for being so harsh. However my opinion still remains. We have lost SOOOOO many features since launch and it isn't as if the other regions removed it it was a decision made by ou
  8. @Chamu-KT With all due respect bro you sound like an idiot. You can look at obvious stats that will give away deficits in gear and moreover if you are someone's at trying to get involuntarily carried by others in an instance they SHOULD be able to see that and then make the decision to carry you no gear having ass or not lol. Open View Details! You can do 1st boss PFHM with heart guard gear +0 with cubics with no issues and any normal mode is pretty much a cake walk. Anybody that played this game back in the good days knew that gear used to be able to be looked up on the AION WEB
  9. idk it is 11pm here EST time what's up?
  10. I swear i was thinking the same thing. Why is it even necessary to have a set of gear that is so marginally greater than any other in the game. I get having multiple sets that reward you from playing above and beyond. I have played since the game was released and this is a new low. This shouldn't exist in the game period. It has no place in a functioning game. I know even if a person is p2w eventually if i grind hard enough i can scuff their shoes and in time run along side them. I wouldn't even be a road bump to someone in this. Seriously paragon past 9 shouldn't exist period. Why would you e
  11. I agree @Gabrielis-KT They should me more concerned this could happen to others
  12. This is just plain ridiculous. You have a player that is clearly trying to take part in the events provided and due to a mechanical issue in the game player loses an item. IS THIS NOT what restoration tickets are for?!? Or is it only to exploit events. They would rather bounce stormwing orbs or refund used minions than give someone a runestone that is not nearly as game breaking as many other things given. This company blows my mind. I don't remember it always being like this. When I started it was P2P and we got good customer support, had meaningful events not cash grabs, and even had a month
  13. @KissYB-KT It is said to see this game frustrating a friend. I know you and you don't tend to let things get to you like that. Hell you are the one telling me to keep trying and I will get where I need to in time. As you said it is one thing to get gear that is end game in the current patch and be a step ahead. I know in a month or so I will be in an equivalent state from just grinding hard but the Paragon gear is on it's own level higher and honestly should not even be in the current patch of the game. What is the thought process of a developer that will allow a gear set that gaps any other s
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