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  1. Maybe you mean 5.8, rather than 6.8? Tempering Solutions were only actual in the game before 6.0.
  2. Sad I miss purple-shining weapon skins like those. Void Dragon were too expensive and now probably can't be gotten cause they are Archdaevic. What is Caesus?
  3. Is it possible to skin Distorted Sunayaka weapons on those extended weapons?
  4. When will it be for us? I read completely. Some things I didn't understand because items and skills have different names in EU than in NA. I understood that it will be impossible to fly in Divine Fortress and it's very sad! NCSoft going still farther to removing flight?? Shit!!! 👾 I hoped they would some day restore the Abyss completely and make it available 24/7 like it was before!!! What, or who, makes them remove flight from the game??? I also understood that they change the effects of healing skills from %% to numbers of HP, and it's bad too. They often raise our stats, includ
  5. Thanks, but the list of items with same model doesn't have Starspark's Helm. No screenshots is also bad Oh, I found the direct page to it https://aioncodex.com/us/item/125101335/ . It mentions Legendary Esoterrace Helm.
  6. Thanks! Does it require 6 persons to run?
  7. I looted Starspark's Helm when leveling up in Enshar, I believe. I put it on an old helmet without Luna Wardrobe. Now can't remodel it to a newer one. Is there any way now to get this skin? Is it possible to put it to Luna wardrobe?
  8. I read that announcement before Jan 11 and I believed Brilliant Ice Prisms wouldn't be deleted, but then I lost mine during the maintenance, then I saw that announcement and the date of it was Jan 11 and Brilliant ice Prisms were in the list. I was surprised and not sure in my memory, had they been in the list when I had read the announcement earlier??? So, according to this info, they weren't?? Did NCSoft edited the post and add them to the list on Jan 11??? I could never imagine such faulty cheat from them!!! Why did they do so?? Please NCSoft, return our Brilliant Ice Prisms cause it's VE
  9. Who sells minions? I sent a letter with Brilliant Ice Prism from my alt to this account and now I have an empty letter I also didn't have time to open many Snowballs on my other accounts. I bought BC coins on all my accounts! Please NCSoft return us our lost event items and give us a week to open remaining Snowballs and use Wintry coins!
  10. I re-run the instance on 1 toon and got the cut scene (killing Tiamat) again! :))))
  11. Do the campaign instance again through the same entrance? Thanks, I'll try. But I guess I won't have another cut scene if I had one? I regret, on one of my toons, being at lev 60 when I tried to kill Tiamat it was extremely hard, and he had only normal transformations, to use transparent scrolls, they were weak, and I used a strong transformation potion (Shugo), and the cut scene after killing Tiamat showed him as Shugo, not as himself, I lost the cut scene It was my 1st time succeeding to kill Tiamat at level 60. I was very curious about a range of blue quests that would open to me after c
  12. I searched for pink windows in the beginning, didn't find, started to fight the Dragon Lord 1, then 2, didn't notice when they appeared but my Fraps recorded them. They were there for quite a short time. The quest about Balaur Spiritualist was already in my list so it couldn't pop up. Will they allow me to enter this instance again or not anymore cause I completed the campaign? I got one more toon waiting for doing this campaign, will try to be more attentive to pink windows.
  13. Thanks! Although, I don't quite understand what is "one side of the room in front of a portal" and anther mobs guards a portal? Is there any video? I made the campaign on my youngest toons leve 60 using some new gear (except shoes and gloves), transformations, and using GUI all the time (which I usually keep off if I record video). 2 toons remained, lev 80, who still have this campaign on the list, I can try when I have time.
  14. I understand what you speak about, I grew 5 toons already through Gelkmaros, 3 of them through Enshar as well, got valuable things (bracelets, plumes), got stigma too, even though I use other stigma sets, but my question is how to find any regional quests from lev 59 to lev 66???
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