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  1. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    I understand what you speak about, I grew 5 toons already through Gelkmaros, 3 of them through Enshar as well, got valuable things (bracelets, plumes), got stigma too, even though I use other stigma sets, but my question is how to find any regional quests from lev 59 to lev 66???
  2. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    Of course, there were more quests and campaigns when there were more maps, and there were more curt scenes! There was beautiful Abyss with lots of pve quests too, now there's no Abyss and no flight! There were open world quests for any level without dependence on any campaigns. Now I can't find any regional (blue) quests in Enshar that would level my characters from 59 to 66. On 66 they'll get a sudden new bundle of campaigns and quests that, together with Luna, will immediately bring them to 75. It even happened already with some of them by only doing Luna for a few days (I was busy by many things in rl so couldn't go to kill Beritra in campaign exactly on lev66, and they got to 75... But I waited for much longer when they got from 58 to 66 also doing Luna every day, their growth was very slow, and the "Budle of support" box destined for lev 65 expired. Why such unequal speed of growth in different level intervals? The Aion power book (https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Quest/70404) writes "Do the Enshar Regional Quest and reach level 66." - what are these quests?? I don't see any on the map! I can't complete "Sheltered Thoughts" campaign on lev 57-59, there is an ultimate mob with some terrible skill, I tried several times on such levels and never succeeded. I only did it successfully on one toon lev 80. But toons of lev 80 don't need any growth. Am I in total absence of quests from 59 to 66 just because I didn't complete this campaign?? Why must blue quests depend on completion of campaigns? They always were independent before! Please make them independent again! And why is the hardness of the campaigns so unequal? Killing Tiamat in Sheltered Thoughts is extremely difficult while all the rest campaigns are quite easy to do in average gear, in Archdaevic gear filled with Flight time on toons of any levels (including those that get less than 50% of gear's stats). I use such gear because I like to run, fly and sprint quickly and much. We need to ride/run between locations of quests. I hate any visible transformations and hate being slow and flightless. I also tried the new gear (gotten in quests) on a toon lev 58 to kill Tiamat but it didn't help either.
  3. What quests give plumes?

    Thanks but I found another info on plumes in the same powerbook searching for quests (not instances, I never went to instances apart from campaigns, quests, and they are different apart from campaigns): https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Quest/72312 [Instance Dungeon] Greed is Good Drakenspire Depths Level 66 / Recommended 67 Number of Repeats: 1 Rewards: XP 82,055,645 Kinah 65,270 [Plumes are drawn) (Gladiator) (Templar) (Ranger) (Assassin) (Sorcerer) (Spiritmaster) (Cleric) (Chanter) (Gunslinger) (Songweaver) (Aethertech) (Painter) Pre-quests: --- Steps: Select the Crossroads of Destiny and eliminate Greedy Kadena ([2]/1) Click Reward in the Quest window to complete the mission ------------- In Taloc I was and did all quests on those toons (now thet are 65) and got NO plumes. All campaigns in Gelkmaros completed (yellow quests) - no plumes. So it must be only in a blue quest.
  4. What quests give plumes?

    Are they solo? Are there QUESTS for them giving plumes as reward? I didn't do any instances on my 1st 6.0 toon except for what were in campaigns or quests. I successfully did Tiamat Stronghold campaign (maybe it's called Dragon Lord's refuge on the teleport) only when he was at lev 80 and that was much later than he got 2 plumes. Where could he get plumes in QUESTS in Gelkmaros and Enshar? What do the letters IDD stand for? Is there any GAME GUIDE for Aion 6.0 or they only have a very old one for like 3.0? Is there a database for 6.0 mentioning every item and quests giving it?
  5. What quests give plumes?

    I leveled several toons on 6.0. On the 1st one I somewhere got a plume in Gelkmaros and then another one in Enshar. I forgot the quests though. On my 2nd couple of toons I didn't find any plume quest in Gelkmaros, probably because I did too much Luna and not enough searching for quests in Gelkmaros so when they came to Gelkmaros they were already level 55 and didn't see some blue quests due to too high level. (It's a pity, blue quests disappear from sight at 7 levels difference!!). In Enshar they did several campaigns and quests till something like lev 58 and then there was no new campaign and no new blue quests visible on the map (is it correct?), so I just made Luna on them waiting for level 66 when the next campaign starts. No pluma so far. Did I miss any quest in Enshar that gives a pluma or I'll get it in the campaigns starting at 66?
  6. add permanent mounts

    Of course, it's such a useless waste of materials! Also I don't like the way they look - NONE of them! Please give back permanent and beautiful mounts, such as Sharptooth Voidtracer (+Ripper, Bloodletter Mauler on BCM), Sleek Hovercycle, Unicorn, Executioner's Steed, Afterburner, Chromanimbus.
  7. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    On the off. site: " Discontinued stat scrolls will be converted into Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Boxes containing three potions of your choice. You will receive one box for 100 of the same stat scroll. The conversion ratio will be 100:1 for the following: Greater Running Scroll (1 hour) [Event/Static] Rx: Mojocycline Greater Courage Scroll (1 hour) Enduring Greater Raging Wind Scroll Greater Awakening Scroll (1 hour) [Prestige] Eternal Running Scroll [Static] Major Crit Strike Scroll (1 hour) Immortal Improved Crit Strike Increase Scroll [Static] Major Crit Spell Scroll (1 hour) Immortal Improved Magical Crit Strike Increase Scroll [Event] Rx: Accelerox [Event] Rx: Critozyne [Event] Rx: Blitzopan [Event] Rx: Mojocycline [Event] Rx: Castafodin [Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch [Event/Static] Rx: Critozyne " Will we lose Accelerox, Greater Raging wind scroll and can't increase our speed anymore?? So we'll be very slow, or there'll be a compensation for it? Sucks to be so slow!
  8. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    I read here somewhere about an event called "The end of the world", where is it? On NA I've never seen it!
  9. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    Is it an answer to "for what will we need kinah?" What is the fortaleza? There is Abyss siege at 21:00 pm CT I guess as usual?
  10. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    For what things generally will we need kinah? Are those things much untradeable, or mostly tradeable? If I get kinah on my alts for termination of gatherables, fluxes etc, can I buy a thing and put it to a legion wh for my mains?
  11. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    Stigmas not removed, exactly, stay same? That's good. My mains have strigmas +3 - +6, no one has +9. But if I buy usual stigmas in camps as you said, I only have 10 hours to use them to enchant my existing stigmas? That doesn't even guarantee me success, quite a difficult thing. Will stigmas be also sold after the update?
  12. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    Can I trade wind serums, recovery serums, Anubite/Graveknight candies, anti-shock scrolls, foods that I creafted through Legion and account whs?
  13. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    Sorry, I don't know about Stigmas from Norsvold camps, where is it or what stigmas? I thought stigmas generally will be removed, is it correct? Are those stigmas from camps special and not be removed, why you advise to buy them? For years, they enchoraged us to create more and more accounts, toons, I used many to store very many things, now it's not alt-friendly... Can Legion wh still be used for trading skins, furniture, materials? I can't move all those items from all alts to mains, inventories are busy!
  14. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    Sucks, we'll get to a stone age or totalitarian state. What is better to do with spinel medals? I have 7 equal mains on this account, they all need AP. Can I split spinel medals stored in my account wh between different toons before selling? With kinah, is it better to just share them between all mains and not store anything in the wh? Will it still be possible to put any things and take them from the legion wh?
  15. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    How much functionable will be Legion warehouse? Can we store kinah in it? I read, kinah stored in an account warehouse can't be fully usable for any character, only by 1, something like that? Can account warehouse still be usable for any money sharing between characters? What happens to spinel medals stored in the account warehouse? Can we use Legion warehouse for spinel medals?