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  1. I re-run the instance on 1 toon and got the cut scene (killing Tiamat) again! :))))
  2. Do the campaign instance again through the same entrance? Thanks, I'll try. But I guess I won't have another cut scene if I had one? I regret, on one of my toons, being at lev 60 when I tried to kill Tiamat it was extremely hard, and he had only normal transformations, to use transparent scrolls, they were weak, and I used a strong transformation potion (Shugo), and the cut scene after killing Tiamat showed him as Shugo, not as himself, I lost the cut scene It was my 1st time succeeding to kill Tiamat at level 60. I was very curious about a range of blue quests that would open to me after c
  3. I searched for pink windows in the beginning, didn't find, started to fight the Dragon Lord 1, then 2, didn't notice when they appeared but my Fraps recorded them. They were there for quite a short time. The quest about Balaur Spiritualist was already in my list so it couldn't pop up. Will they allow me to enter this instance again or not anymore cause I completed the campaign? I got one more toon waiting for doing this campaign, will try to be more attentive to pink windows.
  4. Thanks! Although, I don't quite understand what is "one side of the room in front of a portal" and anther mobs guards a portal? Is there any video? I made the campaign on my youngest toons leve 60 using some new gear (except shoes and gloves), transformations, and using GUI all the time (which I usually keep off if I record video). 2 toons remained, lev 80, who still have this campaign on the list, I can try when I have time.
  5. I understand what you speak about, I grew 5 toons already through Gelkmaros, 3 of them through Enshar as well, got valuable things (bracelets, plumes), got stigma too, even though I use other stigma sets, but my question is how to find any regional quests from lev 59 to lev 66???
  6. Of course, there were more quests and campaigns when there were more maps, and there were more curt scenes! There was beautiful Abyss with lots of pve quests too, now there's no Abyss and no flight! There were open world quests for any level without dependence on any campaigns. Now I can't find any regional (blue) quests in Enshar that would level my characters from 59 to 66. On 66 they'll get a sudden new bundle of campaigns and quests that, together with Luna, will immediately bring them to 75. It even happened already with some of them by only doing Luna for a few days (I was busy by many
  7. Thanks but I found another info on plumes in the same powerbook searching for quests (not instances, I never went to instances apart from campaigns, quests, and they are different apart from campaigns): https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Quest/72312 [Instance Dungeon] Greed is Good Drakenspire Depths Level 66 / Recommended 67 Number of Repeats: 1 Rewards: XP 82,055,645 Kinah 65,270 [Plumes are drawn) (Gladiator) (Templar) (Ranger) (Assassin) (Sorcerer) (Spiritmaster) (Cleric) (Chanter) (Gunslinger) (Songweaver) (Ae
  8. Are they solo? Are there QUESTS for them giving plumes as reward? I didn't do any instances on my 1st 6.0 toon except for what were in campaigns or quests. I successfully did Tiamat Stronghold campaign (maybe it's called Dragon Lord's refuge on the teleport) only when he was at lev 80 and that was much later than he got 2 plumes. Where could he get plumes in QUESTS in Gelkmaros and Enshar? What do the letters IDD stand for? Is there any GAME GUIDE for Aion 6.0 or they only have a very old one for like 3.0? Is there a database for 6.0 mentioning every item and quests giving it?
  9. I leveled several toons on 6.0. On the 1st one I somewhere got a plume in Gelkmaros and then another one in Enshar. I forgot the quests though. On my 2nd couple of toons I didn't find any plume quest in Gelkmaros, probably because I did too much Luna and not enough searching for quests in Gelkmaros so when they came to Gelkmaros they were already level 55 and didn't see some blue quests due to too high level. (It's a pity, blue quests disappear from sight at 7 levels difference!!). In Enshar they did several campaigns and quests till something like lev 58 and then there was no new campaign and
  10. Of course, it's such a useless waste of materials! Also I don't like the way they look - NONE of them! Please give back permanent and beautiful mounts, such as Sharptooth Voidtracer (+Ripper, Bloodletter Mauler on BCM), Sleek Hovercycle, Unicorn, Executioner's Steed, Afterburner, Chromanimbus.
  11. On the off. site: " Discontinued stat scrolls will be converted into Legendary Transformation Potion Selection Boxes containing three potions of your choice. You will receive one box for 100 of the same stat scroll. The conversion ratio will be 100:1 for the following: Greater Running Scroll (1 hour) [Event/Static] Rx: Mojocycline Greater Courage Scroll (1 hour) Enduring Greater Raging Wind Scroll Greater Awakening Scroll (1 hour) [Prestige] Eternal Running Scroll [Static] Major Crit Strike Scroll (1 hour) Immortal Improved Crit Strike Increase Scro
  12. I read here somewhere about an event called "The end of the world", where is it? On NA I've never seen it!
  13. Is it an answer to "for what will we need kinah?" What is the fortaleza? There is Abyss siege at 21:00 pm CT I guess as usual?
  14. For what things generally will we need kinah? Are those things much untradeable, or mostly tradeable? If I get kinah on my alts for termination of gatherables, fluxes etc, can I buy a thing and put it to a legion wh for my mains?
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