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  1. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    I would be that one idiot
  2. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    If I had one Aion wish to make, it would be for a 1.5 throwback server. Fast Track would be off limits, as would transferring from another server. You had to do everything the old fashioned way and there'd actually be RIFTING for pvp again. I wonder how populated it would be...
  3. Dredgion Defence Question

    I missed it a few times on Siel Elyos when applying mere seconds after it popped.
  4. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    When I created a new account and new chanter on Siel over the summer, the original name I used on Triniel at launch wasn't available (no surprise there). My original Triniel chanter, however, was sitting unused on Tiamat. When the servers merged, rather than give her the old name back, I used that name for the chanter I actually play... even though it's technically a new toon, I've held the name on the other account since launch. I never saw Siel's "Krystaline" in game so I should be ok, but if that person logs in and contests the name, will I be able to argue that I've had it since launch, just on another character? I suppose I could submit a ticket to get the name on the chanter I don't play, then buy a couple of name change tickets once it's resolved and switch it to the current toon again, but that seems so... cumbersome.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    I'd flounce off and ragequit in a snit to increase the drama factor for you, but I haven't played in a few days so I don't think it would count.
  6. Songweaver guide?

    We've got info threads for a few classes, but none for SW. I even checked the old forums and see nothing relevant. I'm taking a break from my chanter and have my SW up to 68 and I'm really enjoying it, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never played ranged classes... I'm more a bash in the face with a stick kind of girl (I do love dropping frogs on things, though. That's far too much fun.) Any SW willing to make a guide or is there one that I can be pointed toward?
  7. Forced 32 bit?? Why????

    I keep thinking it's Asmo lag but nope, just the game freezing every now and then.
  8. Songweaver guide?

    It shows!
  9. More housing areas

    As an Elyos, I'd want my house in Brusthonin. Theo is mostly dry and ugly.
  10. Stigma Enchanting Event?

    Aw, come on... who can resist this kind of fun?
  11. Levinshor middle camp sups npc is bugged.

    I sent a new ticket over the weekend for this issue (I sent one last weekend as well) and got the standard response with a request for patience. I even offered to send the devs pie.
  12. Aion Pet Peeves

    They really need to do it again. It was probably one of the funniest fails I've ever experienced.
  13. What's wrong with SFT?

    I know it's only Luna, but I'm back to getting send logs in there, too. I haven't gotten one in a few patches and now once again it's happening every time the big guy does his first skill.
  14. Kromede's Revenge Item Reward List

    I've been saving mine, just for s**** and giggles. I have a dream that someday we'll get a "Turn In Your Balls!" event and I'll be all set. @Cyan feel free to suggest this
  15. Songweaver guide?

    Thanks for the input. I don't do group instances but I should start doing arenas on her so I can get some PvP practice in, I guess. I haven't really played her. I leveled her to 43 then went back to concentrating on my chanter. She went from 43 to 46 doing Luna dailies and then 46 to 60 with Luna + Kumuki. At that point I started doing campaign quests again. As dumb as it sounds, I'm still learning the class, even at lvl 68.
  16. Mantra Combinations for Chanter

    Thus far I've only played solo (except for siege). My default is Invincibility, Revival and Celerity but I change Celerity to Hit if I'm on a mob that's going to take a while to get down. I also use Wind in the Abyss while flying BUT will switch to Celerity if I'm going to be running around killing mobs for a while and not in flight. I'm kind of a Celerity addict. When I'm on my SW I feel so slowwwww....
  17. Activate Prestige pack

    Even though the store makes it look like you can buy it with the coins, you have to purchase it separately using a credit card or Paypal. From the terms & conditions: Billing and Payment Recurring Pack Subscriptions may be paid for with most major credit cards or PayPal ("Payment Method"). NCoin cannot be used to purchase Recurring Pack Subscriptions.
  18. More housing areas

    I picked out a beautiful spot by a pond in Levinshor that doesn't have a lot of mobs and is tucked between two hills where I'd love to have a house. There's a lot of open space on that map; it's a shame not to use it.
  19. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Item Reward List

    I wish I'd been smart enough to think of that before opening the box! Thanks
  20. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Item Reward List

    I just discovered something worse than getting an essence core out of Poppy's Trust Box... It's getting the untradeable essence core on an alt you have no intention of ever leveling high enough to use it.
  21. Current Kumuki Cave Glitches.

    ^ Yep, that guy always gets me no matter how far away I am. I've also somehow glided inside the rock where the special key chest sits. That was a fun time.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 13, 2017

    This! I've put in a ticket, too.
  23. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Item Reward List

    Poor, poor piggies I actually feel a little guilty if I lose one. Amusing side note: my cat's name is Piglet (we call her Piggy) and I tend to talk to the game while I play, which means she thinks I'm talking to her and she "helps" by lying across my arms. Makes it REAL easy to be stealthy and avoid being spotted, let me tell ya.
  24. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Item Reward List

    The first few times I tried the instance without having watched the video, I lost a couple of piggies. Clearly Poppy is holding a grudge and essence cores are her revenge!
  25. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Item Reward List

    I should have listened to myself. I gave another box a shot. Essence core