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  1. I think you answered the question for yourself by posting this. And you're also kinda letting them succeed in what they're trying to do.
  2. This really just exists because of a bigger underlying problem: it's too punishing to lose a dredge. Nobody wants to try for half an hour and come out with barely 1500ap (unless you're already maxed on gear and just don't care). It's simply not worth the time to lose a dredge or even afk one. Raise the ap gap for losing a dredge, and it'll be less of a problem.
  3. I think that just means people don't like you.
  4. I'm worried if we merge you won't be able to weave as flawlessly.
  5. I'd say at the very least revert it to the original stats, and then adjust from there based on server population. I don't know what metrics you guys use for adjustments or why you're delaying a server merge, but the last time ncsoft delayed 1.5 by a month to farm some quick cash off another daeva pass two whole legions left the game on IS. That's worth a lot money than a couple of daeva passes. If your intention is to farm as much money as possible before shutting down the game, it would make sense. But there's absolutely no logic in what the company is doing if they intend to prolong the long
  6. If anything, they should do that Atreian Atlas thing again where you get progression items and one of them included the tears of luck/bloods specifically because it made no sense to have the HHOM be so stupid to make that far after the game's release.
  7. shit u right. i seen a few people with cars still broken into. what's the point of locks?
  8. Yeah, and we decided to split it pretty evenly to be fair (2 upper for asmos, 2 upper for elyos, and alternating bottom forts. You're actually complaining about that? On the second statement, that's more related to drama on the Elyos side. There's two large groups, and while we prefer to keep things balanced how it is now, if the other group decides to try to take a fort, I'd rather we take instead and then just it get dredged.
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