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  1. you were lucky, some took us out of the game and we could not enter until today
  2. in terms of population, there is not much difference in DN for ASMOS and ELYOS, here in KT there are more ELYOS, but the ASMOS are more ORGANIZED for everything, sometimes they have not WON for something many begin to make PVP before the WB appears, it is obvious that they must be prepared before this appears
  3. I tried to buy all, but only allowed me to buy 20, I could not buy the 50 that are weekly
  4. dont button for apply siege
  5. with all the reasons you've listed, you don't have leaders, they have dictators, but more sad is to see that there are people who for their own benefit to give back to the faction, because who wants the good for his faction forgets to misunderstandings with others and working even if for a while together with all in the end, the benefit is mutual
  6. as a result of these unions, some factions were strengthened and others were weak
  7. there must be a mistake to put DARK POETA, because the instances are for level 66 onwards, so it must be FALL POETA
  8. that if, but now with the alliances of the new siege of the UA, as may apply to toons of the faction to the contrary, until you can have the bad luck that the leader of any alliance is a toon, but it should be able to kick players afk in instances pvpve as KB/IDL/OW/AD, as well as what you can do in evergale cannon, that instance is the best thing that has appeared in this update...
  9. we are losing many players for the hack, imbalance of factions, etc, sometimes the decision more laudable is to leave things as they are, or ask all of them seems to be more correct, respecting more the weight the opinion of those who have to lose, so that in the end the decision is the least painful for all.
  10. The GP must be respected, for the time that some players have dedicated, throwing it to the ground, the time invested and remaining in nothing, and that another comes to occupy your place is a bad taste, no one would like to try, please To be coherent in proposing initiatives, in this merge there will be many changes, many will bother, like the decrease in the general rank to have difference between 1 server to another, but even so these are tolerable things, because you do not lose your GP that has Cost to obtain, and to lose it would suppose that many more stop playing for those bad decision
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