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  1. Pero tiene un horario, ¿verdad? Creo que me atrapa algo tarde algunos y muy pronto otros jaja. ¿Cuántos dan por cada dredgion perdido?
  2. Hi guys! I need to know how to obtain Legendary Ridium to purify my established PVP. Is it difficult or do you take a long time? If it takes much the same, it suits me to craft the equipment now. Greetings, thank you.
  3. Hi guys! I like my chanter now, but i don't know good what is the best build (stigmas+manastone) for pve and pvp. - PVE: always was HP my Healing Boost, right? But i don't want be a main healer in the group, so is better crit manastone? With stigmas, i have Elemental Screen, Blessing of Stone and Healing Burst for the support vision stigma, but others was DPS skills. Is good? If the cleric has problems for heal, i help it. - PVP: i'll go Hybrid, like PVE but with PVP gear (crit manastone). Is good? I listened that physical attack is better than crit now, is true?
  4. Thanks for anwers, sorry for anwser now haha. I'm playing Chanter, but i think is too agressive for me. Cleric is more defensive?
  5. Well, then i'll ask you about bard and chanter. Can they help their group and debilitate enemys in the same fight? Like Bard of another MMORPG.
  6. Hello! I wanted to go back to the game but I'm not sure if to continue with my level 59 chanter ^^ U I would like to know what important changes in terms of their functions have suffered the chanter, the bard, the AT, the summoner and the gunner. These are the classes that interest me most. I'm looking for a class that can help the group while annoying the enemy (speaking of PVP), in PVE I really do not care, and also how difficult it is to manage the class. I understand that the chanter only heals and huffs, it puts CCs also attacking and I know that in 1 vs 1 it is strong, but I d
  7. Rather a character who plays only defensively. The singers and clerics are like that, defensive, but other DPS is played defensively? Not protecting others, but them alone. The AT could be defensive? I need justification, please.
  8. Good! I know I'm a heavy person ^^ Excuse me, I always do this kind of thing. Now at 6.0 I would like to raise a defensive class. Not for stats, but for their style of play. If you help me choose it I would appreciate it ^^ U A greeting.
  9. Hi all! I want back when Aion 6.0 come, but my ping from spain is so high, +250. Cuz that, i need some way for go down my ping to 200 or less. Thanks for answers.
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