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  1. I think Ncsoft wants us to buy the Ice Picks from the BCM.
  2. Ncsoft can easily put a level cap on the event items to correspond with the typical level ranges of the instances. If they don't want to include lower level instances then they need to stop advertising "30+" and just make it "60+".
  3. "Every party needs ice, so thankfully you’ll be able to find Bags of Ice chilling inside of instances for Daevas level 30 or higher." @Cyan Sorry, but I don't see any instances listed here that a level 30 character can run, just end game stuff.
  4. Why are you making a new thread, don't you know this is spam? You better use the 6.0 thread for anything 6.X related from now on. Oh wait you're not Neleth...
  5. I don't like much of what Neleth posts either, but is it really necessary being passive aggressive towards her on most of her threads? The irony is I've seen some of you complain about the player base being a toxic environment, this doesn't help any.
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