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  1. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    Oh, I have that one. But just because it looks amazing when fully grown.
  2. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    Well, but if you are hunting for balic materials, you dont even have to get near Stormwing.
  3. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    Well, the other way is looking for the Dynamic Conquest Offerings, which are rare to come by, but give higher amounts of marks per kill. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get them, that I remember.
  4. Its not wrong, its intended. Its saying "Depending on the gear and consumables used, you can achieve it". If you did not understand it, its fine, because it is a nyerking text in a nyerking video game.
  5. Well, since we are learning English, I guess I should ask our teacher a question. "Mrs Celeste, if the description appears on EVERY SINGLE case, even when enchanting old gear, in which we knew the 100% success rate trick wasnt possible, then is it true it applies to new gear, that has the same characteristics to old gear?" Sometimes you can miss stuff, sometimes you can misread/misunderstand them, sometimes you dont even read them because you know. That is why in MMOs you can ask other players, just like you were now. (Before you were calling us illiterates that is...)
  6. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    You dont have to kill Isbaryia. You only need to kill 3 bosses, and they are just to open the way; Lakhara (first one), Virhana (long-range reflect one) and Taros (horseman). But, anyway. yes, BT seems not to be that effective with balic materials.
  7. As you can see, that message appears regardless of what you place in those slots. Edit: Well, talking about irrelevance... If you knew that message always appeared, then, why post it as a reply?
  8. PvE instances: Raksang Ruins (3 -> 5) Ophidan Bridge (3 -> 5) Danuar Sanctuary (3 -> 5) Sealed Argent Manor (7 -> 14) Drakenspire Depths (1 -> 2) Eternal Bastion (1 -> 2) (Infernal) Danuar Reliquary (3 -> 5) Linkgate Foundry (1 -> 2) Sauro Supply Base (1 -> 2) Illuminary Obelisk (3 -> 5) Infernal Illuminary Obelisk (1 -> 4) Infinity Shard (2 -> 3) Theobomos Test Chamber (2 -> 3) Adma's Fall (2 -> 3) Fissure of Oblivion (1 -> 2) Drakenseer's Lair (3- > 4) Fallen Poeta (3 -> 5) Crucible Spire (3 -> 5) Archives of Eternity (3 -> 5) Cradle of Eternity (4 -> 5) Trials of Eternity (4 -> 5) Bastion of Souls (4 -> 5) Frozen Monolith (4 -> 5) Mirash Sanctum (4 -> 5) Battlegrounds: Engulfed Ophidan Bridge (1 -> 2) Idgel Dome (1 -> 2) Idgel Dome Landmark (1 -> 2) Ophidan Warpath (1 -> 2) Kamar Battlefield (1 -> 2) Iron Wall Warfront (2-> 3)
  9. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    Both HM and NM have the same chance for Balic materials. The difference is that HM has a few more mobs.
  10. Its not a bug, it is intended. Purified Archdaeva gear is different, and works JUST like older items. The Omegas and Greater Supplements combo is not meant to work on those.
  11. So, what's happening with Aion?

    Forums were changed, from our old ones, to this one. As for your name, we also got a merge. All names were reset. You will find a Name Change Ticket in the inventory of your character.
  12. Another problem with Atreian Bestiary. Not getting the "Boliag" book from Boliag in Trials of Eternity (under "Rare" in "Tower of Eternity").
  13. What i want to see in Aion

    Meh, I would rather see Wendy's burn twitter posts.
  14. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    Level restricted: Silentera Canyon The Hexway (Cant remember the level of mobs here...) BT Esoterrace Sullenscale Rive No restrictions: Rentus Base ORB TS I think thats it. The Balaur in Hanarkand/Mitrakand dont work anymore because they are level 1 now.
  15. All confused...

    Sure, you could always do Dark Poeta with Ishalgen/Poeta gear.