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  1. Its really simple. If it has a plus (+) symbol at the start, then it means additive (100% additional chances/effect/whatever). If it has no symbol in front, then its the total (200% total). Its always done this way because thats how math works.
  2. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    No, I meant Im a hoarder. I never use scrolls unless we are at the final boss of a hard instance. Potions will be the same story. Also, I understood the scroll exchange was optional. ...Jeez, I will have old scrolls for years.
  3. Kubei's guide for 6.2 (and other things)

    I still have Code Red scrolls from 3-4 years ago. Do you really think I will use those transformatios?
  4. Old Forums Being Removed

    All the Aion memes though. RIP. I copied mine over, but there were so many good ones there.
  5. help forgot my pin

    As in what to do now? I meant getting skins that you wanted from soon-to-be removed sources (such as crafting, instances or quests), experience the content that you might never get to do again (like removed instances), say goodbye to the regions being removed (at least pay a visit to Iluma and Norsvold, being one of the prettiest maps to date), complete those quests you always wanted to. I mean, I dont know how you play. Whether you value the experience itself or not, like I do. But worth a shot.
  6. help forgot my pin

    Oh, ok. Then lets see... We got zome level 56-65 zones removed (Sarpan, Tiamaranta and the Katalams). Reshanta revamped. Level cap upped to 75, introducing the Archdaeva system, starting at 66. We went through a server merge, which is why your character's name is messed up. You can change it in-game for free. Right now we are awaiting for 6.0, upping level cap to 80, revamping the entire game, removing several regions. Estimated time (heavy guessing) is next month, so dont focus too much on catching up with endgame. You should focus on completing stuff you want to do now before it gets removed.
  7. Old Forums Being Removed

    Thread *Plug, plug, plug*
  8. Prestige Pack update

    Never use that joke here, Kubei. You will only attract idiots who have no reading comprehension. Talking from experience. 😥
  9. help forgot my pin

    Nothing has changed in regards to pins ever. My guess is that you just forgot it.
  10. help forgot my pin

    Try this direct link instead. If that doesnt work, just email support@aiononline.com directly stating your issue.
  11. No, it means the Stigma Preservation buff will now make it so that if you fail, you will either lose one level or not lose any level at all.
  12. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I started exercising again. My body aches, and cant stand up from the sofa.
  13. Floating islands?

    Keep in mind these islands might get scrapped out after 6.0.
  14. Aion September Preview

    Nothing like a person who hasnt changed their name for a year commenting on "the current state of the game".