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  1. 4.0 was crap. Also, I would have preferred if you posted the Korean text. Easiest to read than this.
  2. Chanter: Echoed Haze: Not really, but the shorter CD for it is just so nice and convenient. Chained Crush: I love it. Not having to wait for the target to be under an altered state is just amazing, and crits a lot, and high damage. Perfect Shield: Not as much, but double parry is really good. I used it a lot soloing or main healing Norsvold/Iluma world bosses. Pledge of Earth: It has not changed my gameplay much, if at all. And, you do have to be a bit lucky for it to work to its full potential, but the added casting speed is decent. Protection Ward: I just dont know what to say. So, I will just leave an example of how I feel when I use it: Gunner: Concentrated Fire: ALL HAIL CONCENTRATED FIRE. I think I use this skill the most out of all cannon skills. The short CD, the amazing damage. Rapidfire Deluge: I use it 24/7. It truly helps. Escape Instinct: I have never used it. I dont find it worth the Essence. Mental Lock: Shorter CD, decreased PvP damage received.. and MAcc. Meh... Materialise Magic: I havent had the chance to properly use this skill. It is a convenient heal when you are solo, which I enjoy a lot. A bit useless in groups, unless your healer is too busy. Still viable and I am keeping it on.
  3. XP from boss when dead

    It applies to everything. Being dead means no XP if mob is killed. I actually use this in my favour, especially in DL because it is so easy to suicide. Just enter, solo the first phase, bring my two other characters, summon Akhal and make them run towards the outer platform.
  4. Primal Hats on BCM

    The item is untradeable because you are not getting skin items, the BCM is giving you the ACTUAL hats from the instance. Primal Spirit gear has no 1-time-use limitations.
  5. New godstones

    Havent tested out the Padma/Sleep godstone, but I am fairly certain that it does wake up the target, which makes it pretty much just as bad as bleed/poison. As for Valonte/9k damage, it is amazing in PvE, utterly useless in PvP. The damage is decreased a lot. I think I only inflicted like 200 damage when I was testing it on an alt (he was using Earth Transformation, which means a bit less damage, but should not be that big of a difference).
  6. whole EC alliance booted

    You all wanted to enable kicking in Evergale, and you got it.
  7. Get Rid of Fissure of Oblivion

    The Mage type version can be rather challenging if you are unlucky with his placement. The best positioning for it to be is around the middle, allowing you to attack any of the four mobs without moving. Anywhere else (such as on the edge of the platform), it becomes tricky. The campaign really is doable. Just keep going and hope you dont get the Mage type. After all, it is only a 33% chance you will get it.
  8. Primal Hats on BCM

    For future reference, the original item's limitations (level, class, etc) never carry over to the skinned item. The only cases this is not true is when: - The items are gender-locked. - 1-time use skins, but only affecting tradeability. (Talking about limitations, not benefits :P)
  9. Its a prediction, but I am certain (100%) it will be thar way. This is based on how our patches always include crucial changes in its original releases. For instance, 5.3 and Dredgion Defense. We spent the days in between how much of a nightmare the instance would be. We were all surprised to see how easy it was. The changes were all spread out through several weeks after the patch. If you want a more recent example, 5.8 and Crucible Spire.
  10. Exactly, we will get a different version. The update that changed kinah conversion and such came almost straight after the original release. For us, it will be at least the first 6 weeks of 6.0 (just as an example).
  11. Kinah will not be converted automatically. It will be your choice. And there will be an NPC that converts consumables.
  12. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Buy me one, pls, Cheese? You have a job.
  13. Daeva dash fix

    Assuming AFKing was an actual problem...
  14. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I have been standing my ground with my 32-bit computer for quite a lot of years, and still works. But I have been really tempted to upgrade. I really want to. >_> I want at least a 64 bit one.
  15. I appreciate the True Red dyes, and got like two Harvesters Wings, fully level reduced. So, I like this event.