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  1. They say so right in the nutrients' name. Green is Shiny Orange is Robust Blue is Solemn
  2. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Pinterest in a nutshell: Me: Hi. Pinterest: Hello, I see you like this fandom. Look at this amazing fanmade art. Me: Damn, looks really awesome. So much creativity. Lets see what else there is... Me: -Accidentally clicks on a frame with very explicit porn style- Oh... ok... Closing this... Pinterest: Glad you like it. Would you like to see more explicit art? Me: No, thank you. Im in publ... Pinterest: -Homepage and nearly every recommended frame is that theme- Never using that website again, lol.
  3. Evergale Canyon questions

    Because they are nyerking selfish idiots. Basically, when people enter Evergale, either two things happen; you are matched against a premade or you are matched against another quick queue group. The former case, basically means you are going to lose. Leaving the instance early by yourself leaves you with a cooldown, during which you cannot reenter the instance. However, if you get kicked, you dont get the cooldown and can reapply straight afterwards. What happens in the case you mentioned, these idiots reapply instantly afterwards and end up in the same team/instance they were in, so they ask to get kicked again. And goes on until the instance ends or another Evergale run takes the queue's focus. Asking to get kicked is something that, in my opinion, no one should ever do. Mainly because that player is forcing another one to get sucked into that losing team instead of accepting what they ended up with. Alliances can perform Ready Checks and tell who is potentially AFK, and kick them. That, however, depends on who you are matched with. That is the real reason why we have the Kick feature (even though doing it is kind of a waste of time, but that is just my opinion. Moving on...). This goes for everyone. Be smart about Quick Queue. You can most of the time tell when a winning group is entering and when not: If you see a random person recruiting with Auto Accept on who disappears, and you see a new battlefield open, do not enter. That one is guaranteed to lose. If you see a premade going in, apply fast. Depending on already opened battlefields, this is your chance. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for the other battlefields to close so you are sure you will be put into the winning one. You can identify the usual "premade names" by just doing Evergale and learning the usual "leaders". Not saying less known people cannot win, but the "leaders" means in most cases a guaranteed win. Kind of cheeky, but it is what I do sometimes. Have two characters up, queue them up at the same time. If both's entry dialogue pop at the same time, enter on the alt. You can predict early on if its a losing team or a winning team. If its a winning team, enter on your main one (or whichever character you need rewards for) and make your alt leave the instance (this is just so someone else can also join). If your alt enters a losing team, dont enter on your main, and wait for a good time for your main to queue up again (when the alt's run ends, when a "leader" enters). Also, just out of curiosity, what is your level? If you are in the 70s, you might be able to get in just fine. But that is up to people, really.
  4. Returning player looking for some info!.

    Both FM and BoS are endgame. BoS is different because it has 3 difficulties. Easy Mode is manageable by most people (and pretty much the one preferred by everyone), but Normal and Hard Mode are harder than FM. Which one you wish to aim for depends on your objectives. FM will give you Soulstones, which you need for your level 80 Abyss set, while harder versions of BoS do not really offer that better stuff, other than a lot more gear drops per run.
  5. Returning player looking for some info!.

    No, my source is better.
  6. Returning player looking for some info!.

    This is what I was told from someone. These are the magical stats for FM, which is the current highest tier instance (along BoS). Crit Spell: Around 1,200. Magical Accuracy: 3,000 (2,800 for anything else). Magic Boost: 6,200 or more. I forgot if this was "Max possible, ggez run", or minimum requirements.
  7. Returning player looking for some info!.

    They are called Zedas' Wings Skin, named after Commander Zedas from the Dredgion Defense instance. As Cheese said, you cant get them, unless we convince Cyan to do so. -cough- @Cyan -cough-
  8. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I just did a bit of that Captain Spirit, that prequel to Life is Strange 2. I admit I cried a bit, lol. Made me really hyped for the actual game.
  9. Aion 6.5

    First of all, I WANT THAT FPS. Second, I really love that last cutscene. Extremely well designed. Seeing Ereshkigal lose her "power form", as if her body was being shredded. Has anyone downed the instance yet?
  10. Where is the "Miragent Quest" ?

    The quest is available once you reach level 45. I will assume you are higher than that if you completed all campaigns. The quests are standard quests, which means they are hidden if you have the "Show Low Level Quests" option not selected (its disabled by default). That option hides all standard quests below level 65. You can find it in Options > Interface > around the bottom,I think.
  11. Aion 6.5

    Post a picture when done!
  12. Aion 6.5

    I was kidding. But I might do it now that you mention it with another artwork. I have always LOVED that one of the originals that has Tahabata (or another dragon) on top of a volcano. There are several places nearby that offer that service, you just need the file (might require a big resolution). I would probably print it in a sheet of paper (not regular one, obviously, probably laminated), then most likely frame it, because I would like to keep it forever... and I will. And once we get concept art for all 5 Dragon Lords, I am 100% going to merge them all together and hang it. Please, NC, release Fregion and Meslamtaeda.
  13. Aion 6.5

    Mine is already printing.
  14. Aion 6.5

    For concept art, check out Sunix's Tumblr page. For some more concept art and in-game shots, have AionDB's 6.5 article.
  15. Nerf Fortress Diety HP until 6.0

    And where was I wrong? You still get the fortress. The only thing you dont receive are a couple of legion coins, a few AP relics, and maybe max credit rewards depending on your points. If you really wanted those rewards, you would work for them. If your faction cant get them, then you dont deserve them. And, you may save time. Its 10 to 15, maybe 20 minutes, if you are slow. If sieges were intended to set a bar, so be it. That is almost as bad as asking to get kicked from Evergale Canyon because you were put in a match against a premade. So, I do guess I will have to say "Suck it up" now.