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  1. Instance Entry Option

    Quick Entry, generally referred to as Quick Queue, means that you are put on a queue for that instance. Whoever is in it, can be matched with a group that lacks a member. It can also throw you in in matches which have already started. This option is meant fo those days when you dont feel like getting a group and just want to go inside. Some people AFK, some give up, some win, etc. Private Entry is an option for groups. As the group leader (otherwise you cant use this option), you can select it, and your group will be queued up for the instance. Once it pops, everyone in your group will join the same match.
  2. Daevanion Skill By Instance

    I can confirm Legendary Smugglers do show up in CoE.
  3. I havent seen a list of rewards from the Luna Treasure Chamber anywhere after 6.0. @Cyan, any chance you can post it, if possible?
  4. Again, sounds familiar?
  5. Well, as I said, goes both ways. Complaining about something that you have no idea about. You just proved my point further. Sounds familiar?
  6. You would be surprised how its the other way round. People like @Edmond-KT only log in to complain.
  7. New Class is coming?

    I like it more and fits a lot better than a class that shoots musical notes, horses, frogs and butterflies.
  8. Leveling Aetherforging

    As far as I know, only "Crafting" buffs work on Aetherforging. XP buffs (including Berdin's Stars/Energy of Repose) increase the XP you get from crafting, but not the proficiency in said crafting profession.
  9. Old PvP and PvE Gear, what to do?

    rubbish them, they cannot be turned in for anything. Only keep it if you wish to preserve a certain skin or for memory's sake.
  10. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    I suppose transformations are a fair point. But, going back to flying, it was probably good at launch because it was new and whatnot. But it doesnt matter how it was at launch, it matters how it was viewed by everyone after it, after years of having it around, no one did it or liked it. If no one does it, no need to keep it.
  11. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    Flight as selling point, yet disgusted by every PvPer. And considering 6.0 did nothing to character customisation....
  12. Tiamat

    Kaisinel/Marchutan heals you up whenever you are low on HP. Whats the exact problem you are having?
  13. A few Bugs with 6.2

    Press Ctrl or Alt. I forgot which one is which.
  14. Oh, look who showed up. Kailor, a perfect example of misinformation. The irony between the OP and him is just so sweet.
  15. New Class is coming?

    To me it looks like that bun hairstyle I think we have with two hair rollers, one on each side. Finite Shard. I missed that.