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  1. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    But that is a very valid reason to.
  2. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Kind of a random Aion moment. What a productive weekend this was. My first Typhon kill and full BoS run. These kinds of days are amazing.
  3. Who saw that coming?

    Shall we all remember fishing poles? Anyway, also, it appears we are getting a new holiday instance to replace Nightmare Circus?
  4. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    Well, that is the catch. Why bother gearing up at all if you wont put it for use? For most people, the biggest part of the activity comes form gearing up so that they can stand a chance against others.
  5. housing Refunds

    I am not well versed in housing. But, I checked out my Studio after merge, and the old wallpaper and flooring I had selected were still applied to it. Maybe if/when you get the same type of house you had prior merge, the wallpaper and flooring will be selected from their housing warehouse? The one thing I am sure its pretty much gone for good is the exterior design.
  6. Class selection questions

    But Gunners have 3 different skills that let them recover HP. Compared to Rengers, I would say Rangers have lower survivability.
  7. Gunslinger & Aethertech Question

    Gunner: Magical Damage. Cannon skills and buffs are affected by silence, pistol skills are affected by bind. Aethertech: Magical Damage. All skills are affected by bind, buffs affected by silence.
  8. Known Issues: Server Merge

    The "empty servers" are not empty. Once you enter them you will see all your characters are there.
  9. HOLY BCM!!! O.O

    They are probably talking about the current costume rotation on the BCM. The Dream Faerie set.
  10. Player Made Dyes?

    Its not possible to create your own dyes. No crafting profession can.
  11. Make minium account tradeable

    No ,what he is asking for is making Minium (the Minion evolution material) account tradeable (through account warehouse).
  12. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Ah, so cute.
  13. Is Aion worth playing

    Is the removal (or more like the making redundant) of old content bad? People just have to accept a game changes. If they forced you to gear up with coin gear every single of your alts, manastoned it up, enchanted it (-shivers-), the game wouldnt have gone beyond 3.0.
  14. Character stuck in fall mode in fissure

    Get a SM to summon you out.
  15. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Give it time, for nyerk sake. Merges just happened. Support must be overwhelmed with tickets.