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  1. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Best of luck, Cheese!
  2. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I saw this post asking others to share their "the food their parents forced you to eat when they were young, and have not had ever since". Several of the replies were similar to "we were poor, so we had bread and water, yada yada". This triggered me because that was not the point of the poster. At least there was this funny reply from someone whose mother forced to eat liver for its iron properties. Then years later, this person cooked for her, who lacked iron at the time, and made liver for her. She refused to eat it, the person reminded her about it in the past, and she replied "I am still your mother". Then this other couple shared a story. His girlfriend barely ever cooked, and the one time she did, she made an old style sheep pie. It ended up being disgusting because the meat used was stale. Because of that, they only gave one bite at it and fed the rest to the dog. This dog later threw it up.
  3. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    I think Ragz's joke comment was directed at your Spanish text. Dont take it too seriously.
  4. Aion December Preview

    @Cyan, if you had anything to do with the temporal introduction of the Snowboard mounts to the store, I love you forever and ever.
  5. Ideas for AION 6.0

    In terms of maps, I am not sure we actually need a new one yet. We just need some changes to Norsvold and Iluma. I would implement something to the camps in there. Some kind of entry tier PvP armour bought with a token obtained from quests in the different posts across this map, much like the original BM series. Brings action to these maps and fills that gear progression gap in lower Archdaeva levels. And in order to ensure interest, I would allow this token to be exchanged for supplies and consumables. And maybe armour could be exchanged for AP or something else through a vendor which spawns after successfully clearing Sky Island. I would leave the Tower of Eternity as it is now, a safe-heaven. Maybe expanding it a bit and adding a few more NPCs there (some aggressive, some friendly), just to see it more lively. Maybe a big PvE event at certain times. I do heavily dislike the idea of having different instances dropping different stuff. Say you want to run the instance that drops top Healer gear. Why would any dps or tank want to run that? Forming groups for that will be tough. More so considering all top gear has conditioning now. On top of that, if you add several instances, they will all have to be equal in difficulty, but accessible at the same time. Basically, you will have several mid-tier instances and no BIG challenging instance to look forward to. No instance to feel amazing for having cleared finally after several attempts, no thrill from it. And, I dont want several Adma's Falls and Drakenseer's Lairs; I want a single ToE and BoS. As for ranking, I would leave it as it is really. Maybe just bring back the daily deductions. I may agree for PvP instances, but I personally found that disabling it for Crucible Spire was a stupid idea from their part. Transformations actually allow balance for players in PvE instances, especially Crucible Spire. The best example being the dreaded Floor 27.
  6. This basically says that this video/an article (the one you linked above), showcasing the Archdaeva and Ereshkigal, were released a few days ago or today (I am not keeping up with their Anniversary schedule). Its just the introduction. Then he posts three guesses as to what the deal is here: A big change incoming to the story of the Archdaeva (as in whats to come) A new kind of "Daeva" is revealed. (As in 10-65 Daeva, 66-75 Archdaeva, 76+ new kind) The Archdaeva is reborn as a lesser Daeva (I suppose this one implies different stuff depending on whether you are seeing it lore-wise or gameplay-wise) The rest is fairly readable. Just replace "solvent" with "Dragon Lord", and all "Haideva"/"Haiteva"/"HiDeva" with Archdaeva.
  7. Aion January Preview

    Really doubt they would name it in such a stupid way as "Land of Battle".
  8. Tree event organization Danaria Elyos

    KT is majorly composed of SL, which means that the stuck-up nyerks from SL-E are there. They dont have any idea of how to properly have fun in LFG. You are probably safe.
  9. Full list: Sword: [item:100002364] Mace: [item:100101768] Daggah: [item:100201950] Greatsword: [item:100901782] Polearm: [item:101301671] Staff: [item:101501786] Edit: Nevermind, Ursa got it first.
  10. Great work, Mempo-chan.
  11. Dark Dragon weapons are the new Dragon King skin series, as much as the Fire, Water and Thunder Dragon King weapons.
  12. I had a link yesterday and forgot to save it to my memo pad. I regret it now because I thought it was just another test item or something like that, lol.
  13. Those are from the Tiamaranta's Eye event that took place in Korea. They COULD be the same weapons but renamed, but cannot confirm. Stat-wise, they were better than Provenance by a bit, though I only looked at the staff, and didnt pay much attention. They are not in any usual fan-made database.