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  1. Thank you so much for responding! I will definitely look into the locations of the Seasonal Agrint bosses when the first rolls around.
  2. Just as an update: the Spring Agrints were simply dissolving upon being killed. The Wintery Agrints are now spawning again (?) and they have a collection window upon being killed, but the window is empty/nothing can be looted for them. This is for the Leaves/Crystals of Four Seasons and Fertile Deal (aether gems) quests, both of which indicate that the quest items should be Agrint drops.
  3. Hello! I'm lvl 68 and just got my studio (little behind, was questing xD) and am picking up quests around the city center. I recently picked up the Leaves of Four Seasons quest (Lvl 40 quest), and i've found some really old guides on it so understand the premise (kill seasonal agrints that spawn during the seasons in-game, get leaves), but it doesn't seem to be working to me: I've killed at least 6 spawns of the Spring Agrint, and gotten nothing. No Spring Leaf. I understand that the Seasonal Agrints wouldn't drop normal drops for me, since i'm over-lvled for the quest- but they should still drop the quest leaves, right? I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this quest recently, completing it when over-lvled or if this is a known glitch? Thank you!
  4. Lvl 65 SM with no Magic Implosion?

    Ah, okay- thank you, that makes sense! I ended up obtaining one from a broker. Thank you.
  5. Lvl 65 SM with no Magic Implosion?

    Alright, thank you very much! I'll look into the broker and other methods available to my lvl. Is there any way to determine which stigma should have been earned through quest and which must be bought if desired? If you know? Thank you so much for your reply!
  6. Hello all! I've recently started playing AION (June 17), and my first character is SM. I've reached lvl 65 in-game and still don't have the Magic Implosion skill. It looks like a stigma skill that should have been learned at lvl 45. I've checked everywhere and don't know how I missed it... It seems like it should be easily acquired if not acquired automatically, given that there's no guides or alternative methods to obtain the stigma that I can find. Did I mess up somewhere, was it a choice offered to me that I chose differently? I have the Spirit Ruinous Offensive which I learned at lvl 45, other stigma are Cyclone of Wrath, Stone Scour, Spirit- Burn to ashes, Summon Cyclone Servant and Spirit Ruinous Offensive. Any help is greatly appreciated!