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  1. So forced pvp and twinks are good and p2w is a made up term, I have read it all today! Meanwhile Aion is in prolonged decay. ...and when people quit the same people have a ton of excuses like "you can't compete, toughen up, gitgut, Aion wasn't for you" etc.
  2. We will see after maintenance when the boxes are sent.
  3. It would be good to have them 2x but in 6 months time we might be able to get those indeed.
  4. It gives nightmares to whoever doesn't wear overenchanted paragon gear.
  5. The good thing about playing in NA is that we already know what is coming, 8.0 doesn't seem like a game changer. The only good thing is that we have one typ of items now, so no need to swap between pvp and pve sets.
  6. EK + KT was not a general merge for the same reasons DN + KT is not a general merge either. Also I have read more wrath against KT server and the KT players from DN people and not just for this merge. Lets not merge at all & lets keep a threshold on servers, if a server is way too dead they should give players 6 months to pay to transfer and 6 months later they delete the server that no longer makes profit. Hobodah?
  7. We are not even against them in the DN merge to KT. They always see it as DN vs KT in their heads.
  8. They favor the populated server. If DN was populated and KT not, they would transfer KT people to DN. It is not fair for DN people but you all come aggressive against KT players here. Which is exactly what happened when the server bug occurred. You were all vocal to get free reset as well, when you got them nobody came to speak in favor of KT players that had their server bugged for a whole day at times losing sieges and entries. There were times the server would bug before the daily reset and we couldn't get a free reset as well while you got it. Whenever something serves you you do not
  9. Yeah bots get a ton of drops and kinah, and they sell that kinah for real money, and that real money can buy them Siel's Aura which is exactly what they do. Meanwhile real players that can't afford 15$ per month but could have purchased it from broker can't do that unless they also cheat with real money trade.
  10. If you are an asmodian from IS... reroll on Siel already The end!
  11. Not a single person ever mentioned they dislike Siel for being "crowded". As a matter of fact this is the appeal of Siel that it is alive. This is why everyone chose Siel from start because they new it would be the populated server. But I wouldn't expect you to know that, whatever you wrote so far is out of touch with reality. Whatever people write, you appear and want to have a word on every post, writing nonsense. How can you fail on everything you write? And how do people like you always play elyos?
  12. Not a single Siel person would ever volunteer for this.
  13. Having to xplain to you in many posts how this is possible is really making me gringe. Next step is make her a drawing.
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