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  1. ...mecheagle calling someone a clown! I think people would complain that the whole map is full of bots that they cannot find a place to farm and that when they are on their mains they can't do the weekly or daily quests because of the bots. I know because I played on a server with auto hunt.
  2. It suck when we cannot skin a peice of armor. I rarely like the best gears' look.
  3. I doubt the person asked for sympathy, the suggestion was to add one more week and this would eliminate any issues and if someone still lost snowballs that would be their fault.
  4. It is nerfed there is no way you wouldn't get one ultimate with 140 chests.
  5. If luna is the cause of this what are the plans? If it is the because I hope you don't keep it down until you find a solution.
  6. Yes, we understand that they are not actively inspecting the game, but at least we could enjoy the real thing
  7. I hope we have a reply to this from GMs or at least know that @Cyan saw it and will regard this issue.
  8. I couldn't agree more. If people can get an item via spending real money, what does it hurt to be able to sell it ingame? the person getting that item with kinah could have bought it with real money, same item different way to get it. What matters is that NCSoft would be cashing for all that which is a goal to keep this game running.
  9. I had a friend come over to my house and saw me playing Aion and wanted to try, we made an account for him and it was done. I showed him how the characters are made and he wanted to take him time making his very first char in his account... so we had to put Aion in my second (and older) pc, (we copied the game to flash drive and pasted it to the new pc so we did not have to wait 3 days for an update)... by the time he tried to login for the first time and make a char, he got a notification that the account wan banned due to suspicious activity!!! An account that was just made some hours ag
  10. Bruh this is an old thread and you revived it and it is not even relevant anymore! This is from April 2018 and we had 5.8, whatever is said on this thread is 100% irrelevant to the current patch.
  11. Lets hope this Wednesday we are getting 6.5 enchant rates successfully. We might be able to start playing.
  12. If you get full ultimate set, you get some crit from all items, which is good enough so you might wanna combine, but m.attack/p.attack manastones are very weak so stacking full of them won't make a huge difference since if you are already full ultimate you should be having plenty thousands of attack
  13. Confirmed, I just entered some hour ago and it says 2 days and 21 hours for me, I assume it is a bad translation it says every day then.
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