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  1. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    I voted, now I can sleep peacefuly. This had to be addressed.
  2. Yes they are practically deleting the sorc in every patch little by little. Every class is a dps now, but every class can do its special thing, like survive, debuff, heal, hide etc... the sorc is left with an almost useless sleep and the most flimsy defenses and HP than any class in game. I did the right choice in lvl 10 and chose SM this time, one of the most OP broken classes in game. I used to be a sorcerer, but then I decided to change my main because it was impossible to win anything in 1v1 on equal gear and knowledge of the char. With my SM I am ten times better since the class can make useless most other classes.
  3. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    Yes make NC codes an item that can be brokered so everyone can be super happy.
  4. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    The asmodian side also lacks active transformers, the transformation ranks are locked by bad GP choices of the previous patches and now we have people afking in sieges and not even bothering to transform. We also have slightly less active players in general and many asmodian numbers in sieges are just alts that their mains brought with them to get the rewards.
  5. Using PvP weapons in PvE instances

    Yes ultimate masterwork weapons are better in pve than legendary weapons from instances. the base attack they gives and the optional stats are always better than the main attack + options attack + pve bonus of legendaries. You also get better other stats like better accuracy, better critical etc. 1) Best weapon for pve = instance weapon drops 2) Second best weapon for pve = ultimate masterwork monarch weapons (I think anomos is also here too with them) 3) Third best weapon for pve = genesis crystal ultimate pvp weapon 4) Fourth best weapon for pve = ultimate masterwork conqueror weapons. 5) fifth best weapons for pve = the legendary weapons from instances
  6. Broker Fees

    2,2% listing fees should be lowered and the selling fee could get that percentage added to it if they want. So if you do sell something you still lose the same amount of money, but if the item is not sold you do not lose as much. Make the listing fee 0,5% and the remaining 1,7% put it on the sales 11+1,7% = 12,7% sales fees.