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  1. For them 30$ is 1 hour worth of work, they can't understand why people don't pay for it. I would pay 30$ for something that worth, 30$ for daeva pass and people are buying it, I call it success when there is at least one person buying it then they make money.
  2. It will cling to life as long as you guys keep entering and keep paying. Haven't you learned anything the last 12 years or are you new to NCWest?
  3. Nobody will pay an overpriced daeva pass to get an awful skin that he will have no room to store! Put skins on bcm for ever, do not remove them and make daeva pass worth it. I would never spend a single dime on it, only people who work on 30$ per hour in USa would not mind wasting that money.
  4. "Defending a friend", that reminds me of a post that predicted this would happen once the AP bans occurred. AP trading doesn't happen accidentally you have to arrange it and do it. What is "just a little bit of AP trading"? Can you glide hack a little bit and beg not to get banned once found?
  5. Check his account, he started posting yesterday after the banwave and all his posts are about AP traders' banwave. He obviously got banned and is not happy about it.
  6. That poor dog was like "find him yourself dude, I am not smelling that"
  7. That is a 3rd party site and doesn't prove anything. I myself am not a bot, I am usually playing at weekends and rarely the rest of the days, I do pve instances and never run a single 3rd party program for dps measuring so I am not there either.
  8. The mental gymnastics on this one are huge. Pay to win are 3 English words self explanatory to the term, you pay real money to get something you didn't work for and get an advantage. The thing you pay for may not be that important like skins or might be for convenience like healing potions. When that something is kinah that is the biggest form of p2w there can ever be on classic.
  9. They have gone mad with the new kumuki event. No enchants for the glyph and useless transformation shards! We want 7.9 where we can have ultimate transformation shards
  10. Some people farmed for hours without a kick, and I couldn't get past the safe pad.
  11. Kibbelz said he will give feedback on this. They either have to keep the server open for at least 7 days or they would have to keep luna down for another week and nobody wants that.
  12. Yo stop running luna with many chars to make statistics man, you bug the server lolz
  13. Looks like a new thing, I know many items sold on broker that are already skinned. Did you try to at least broker it too and it didn't work? Maybe if the skin is untradeable itself (and unbrokerable) it makes the item skinned with it non tradeable too. Usually the skinned items we see on broker were with actual skins that are both tradeable and brokerable.
  14. Exactly, they should focus on that specific thing and leave the rest of luna intact.
  15. This will make it harder but I assume they can even attack by themselves. Another thing they can do is change the recipes like EU did, they doubled the amount of luna required to craft (back to what we also had it in 6.x if you remember they halved the recipes at 6.7 I think). This will also make most botters unable to make a profit and leave luna alone
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