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  1. The point of locks is to keep things safe so if there are cars broken into the locks aren't good. That is the point.
  2. Well I haven't bought daeva passes so the "4th" also makes no difference to me. But I could have bought it if it was very good for its money.
  3. I think they won't do it because that will mean instant death to IS-A and eventually IS in general.
  4. The poll should be if you bought previous passes, will you buy again or not. I never bought it and I never will. None of the rewards worth the money. If someone bought it before and they will not buy again these are their target audience for daeva pass
  5. The bots that have siel's aura are doing it because it increases their profit but for every bot with siel's aura you got a ton without. If there was no 1h free they would eventually have to pay subscription to trade the items. I wouldn't play classic without subscription with all these limitations, in a game where p2w and bots exist.
  6. The wings are pretty but not the worm!
  7. And it already started. There are people who defend "a friend" already
  8. I loved those as well, they should bring back everything.
  9. It doesn't matter how much he spent. It matters he purchased a product that was advertised differently.
  10. Cannot read data from server is what I get some times too.
  11. We (people from Europe) have this problem. Monday it is 3:00~6:00 Tuesday-Friday it is 4:00~7:00 Saturday it is 01:00~04:00 Sunday it is 23:00~02:00 So all days it is in the harsh hours of morning or right after midnight. And obviously they are not going to change any hour in EC.
  12. Problem is that EC now is so important and it is full of wrong things.
  13. OK so it gives some pve bonus after +15 that is not that bad. But that sucks, nobody needs an extend-able in pve that much, since most of the times a boss is not really moving that much.
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